DENVER (AP) – Rep. Doug Lamborn’s office says the Colorado Republican regrets any misunderstanding over his comments on a Denver-based radio show.

Lamborn spoke to KHOW-AM Friday. He was responding to comments about whom voters would hold responsible for actions on the nation’s debt ceiling when he said he thought voters would blame the president. Lamborn said: “Now I don’t want to even have to be associated with him. It is like touching a tar baby and you get it — you’re stuck, and you’re part of the problem now.”

Some people consider the term “tar baby” to be a racial epithet.

Lamborn’s spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen said in a written statement Monday that Lamborn simply meant to refer to a sticky situation. She says Lamborn sent an apology letter to President Barack Obama.

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Comments (9)
  1. Ivory says:

    How amazing. Another politician expressing their true self on a public forum.
    When it comes to racism, African Americans shouldn’t express shock anymore.
    America was built on hatred and racist ideology. Some call it Christian values. Funny that these comments come from the so-called right side of the fence.So being a racist is what’s considered politically right in this so called advanced country. Lamborn only said something that’s part of his regular vocabulary. I think I can speak for the majority of African Americans: By saying keep your apology.
    Because just like your so called mistake and campaign promises they’re just words from” THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE FENCE”; Christian values and all.

  2. P. Degnan says:

    Mr. Lamborn should rmember the old adage that “Sometimes it’s better to let people just think you’re an idiot, rather than opening your mouth and proving it”

  3. Scott says:

    The only connection between the original tar baby story and race is that it was told by a fictitious black man called Uncle Remus. If even that is a connection. It’s foolish to take offense, or fabricate it, where none is intended. And it’s too bad that people like Rep. Lamborn cave in to this attitude.

  4. anthony m says:

    That’s because of the BIASED Left-Wing Media that already Creates Both class and RACE hatred for the sake of RATINGS. They don’t care who gets hurt. And WHY are they still using Hypenations for AMERICANS anyway? Should I call myself a NATIVE-EUROPEAN-SCANDINAVIAN-NORWEGIAN-SWEDISH AMERICAN? Intead of WHITE? As I was saying. They just like hatred because it SELLS. I am 1/4 Solid Cherokee. But I call myself AMERICAM first. No Hyphens. Either you are an American first, or YOU ARE NOTHING!

  5. anthony m says:

    I also agree With Scott. I read the “Tar Baby” story. Has no racial references. And I believe the MEDIA helped stoke it up for what it’s NOT. Mr. Ivory appears to give off an animosity toward Christianity at the slightest EXCUSE. Mind you, Mr. Ivory. You DO NOT speak for the African American Community as a whole. from what I recall, The majority are Christians as well. Could this be an expose’ for you on that saying”Open MOUTH, INSERT FOOT”?

  6. Burt says:

    Tar Baby is a offensive remark pure and simple and Lamborn knows it and so do you Anthony. Typical blame the messenger Right Wing bull on your part. Lambert is a wacko and a disgrace period!

  7. Toni says:

    Biden calls the Tea Party followers “terrorists”, and that doesn’t make the news, but this does????

    1. katherine Bryant says:

      Now Biden can add racist to their description Lamborn has truly spoken for his party and shown what they truly are- hidden KKK

  8. Catherine Bryant says:

    No they are not for retaliating after so many years of being subjective to this cruel treatment by the racist people such as yourself and your friends skinheads and KKK members

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