2nd Horse Dies At Cheyenne Frontier Days

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — A second horse died during the Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo.

CFD officials said in a statement that a horse in the wild horse race event died Saturday of a neck injury. The mare was not being ridden at the time and apparently its lead was stepped on by another horse.

Frontier Days CEO Dan Cheney tells the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that it was nothing more than a random accident between two animals.

Earlier during this year’s rodeo, a rookie saddle bronc horse died from a back injury.

Animal rights activists have decried the Cheyenne rodeo and other rodeos for exposing horses and livestock to injury and possible death. Rodeo advocates say the animals receive top notch care and treatment.

The Cheyenne rodeo ended Sunday.

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  • John

    Nothing random about it! The wild horse race is an accident waiting to happen. I was there and we should all be ashamed. My first and last rodeo

  • Laura

    Hey Number 6, bet you’d change your tune if they treated other human beings like this. Just because it’s an animal, it’s OK to use it to perform stupid and dangerous stunts to entertain the “much more enlightened” humans? You’re just another typical drone who doesn’t REALLY think anything through. Who cares if the animal is suffering, just as long as YOU are entertained by it–right??

  • LOVE Rodeo

    Ohhh, Laura. Open your eyes – we aren’t treating humans like this, and the animals are, well, animals. Even if nasty PETA gets rodeos shut down, this happens on hundreds of thousands of ranches daily. Rodeos are just a way for these cowboys to compete in knowledge and skill. Having been around ranches, feeding, caring for, and riding animals, I can honestly say that rodeo stock are treated very nicely and that people are more likely to get injured than the animals. Get over your fur loving soapbox and move on to better things.

  • Rufus

    Actually, it looks like the anti-PETA “loons” took the first shot.

  • Ann

    The wild horse race, while it may be entertaining, is absolutely an accident waiting to happen. Allowing these young horses to run around the track with a leadrope dragging 5 feet around their feet and legs is completely irresponsible. I am not a PETA loon, but there ought to be something changed about this event (i.e. use shorter leadropes) or quit doing it entirely. It is a ridiculous display of horsemanship (or lack thereof). Not to mention one of the “cowboys” got kicked in the face the night before on this same event. It’s dangerous for the animals and the people involved. At least the cowboys have a choice before they involve themselves in the event.

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