DENVER (CBS4)- GrowHaus is a program giving more people in the inner city of Denver access to healthy, affordable produce.

GrowHaus is located at 4751 York Street in a greenhouse that offers row upon row of chemical-free vegetables, but without the steep price found at organic groceries. The produce can even be bought with food stamps.

“They can also grow their own food and we can certify them to sell it here in the marketplace as an extra form of income,” said GrowHaus Executive Director Coby Gould.

GrowHaus is part of a nationwide movement spearheaded by a man from Milwaukee. Will Allen was a featured speaker at this week’s Colorado Health Foundation Symposium.

“We need more people like they used to in the old days of growing food where they live to really change the dynamics of healthy food,” said Allen.

This alternative way to feed people in this manner is also good for the environment. Aquaponics is fish and plants living together. Waste from fish is pumped onto plants where it acts as a natural fertilizer.

“The plants take up the nutrients, filter and clean the water so it comes back clean to the fish,” said Gould.

Gould said aquaponics is so efficient it produces twice the yield of soil-based farming and uses only 20 percent of the water.

GrowHaus is open for public tours every Friday morning.


  1. Jerry says:

    Please tell me how to contact these people. I would like to start a similar program here in the South Park area.



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