LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The owner of a popular restaurant in Lakewood called White Fence Farms was sorry to learn the fate of one of two bronze sheep statues stolen from his property earlier this month.

Lakewood police arrested Moises Rodriguez Fernandez Tuesday on felony theft charges.

moises rodriegez fernandez white fence farm sheep stolen lakewood pd White Fence Farm Owner Sad To Learn Fate Of Bronze Sheep Statue

Moises Rodriguez Fernandez (credit: Lakewood Police Department)

The life-size bronze sheep raised suspicions when someone brought it to a metal recycling yard in Denver. Thieves broke through a fence and dragged two of the sheep across the lawn. Then they were apparently loaded into a waiting pickup parked on Jewell Street.

Charlie Wilson owns the restaurant.

“We had two sheep that were right on the other side of the pond by the ducks,” Wilson said. It was frustrating because those were the first bronze sculptures we had here on the property.”

The surviving statue shows how even concrete bases didn’t prevent the thieves from ripping them out of the ground.

“You could still see on the hoofs of the sheep there was still some cement and fresh dirt on the bottom,” Mike Rosen said.

Rosen owns Atlas Metal and Iron. He said he became suspicious when a man and woman came to his yard trying to sell the two sheep for scrap.

“If we’re going to buy this material then we’re going to take down all their information before we actually pay them,” Rosen said. “(I said) ‘we’re going to contact the police department and let them know.’ They weren’t comfortable with that at all.”

Cooperation between Rosen and Lakewood police has led to one arrest, but there’s bad news about the sheep.

“I found out they have some evidence that one of the sheep was cut up,” Wilson said. “So that’s kind of a gruesome thought, but the other one we’re not sure what happened to it.”

The bronze sheep were valued at up to $15,000 apiece. The sculptor is willing to make replacements and Wilson is very interested. It’s not clear if insurance will cover the loss.

White Fence Farms says it’s going to upgrade its security system with motion detection cameras to prevent more thefts.

Comments (103)
  1. GRIZZ says:

    Another thieving beener,
    Its all these peasants know

  2. mb says:

    something tells me he is illegal as hell

  3. glenn beck says:

    Illegal Mexican I’ll bet

    1. patmurphy1965 says:

      Hey dumb-ass, this guy is from el Salvador!

      1. HaroldJohanson says:

        Sorry! illegal el Salvadoran!

      2. NoFear says:

        Mexico. El Salvador. Same Sh!t.

      3. aandrews says:

        Among white Americans…sorry, Anglos (fairs fair), “Mexican” is code for Mestizos in general. In other words, same f-ing difference.

    2. asd says:

      He is not even from Mexico. But I doubt you would care…

  4. Tim says:

    Another example of why sweeping change is needed in the enforcement of our immigration laws. Mostly the existing laws need to be simply enforced.

  5. Timbo says:

    60 lbs of Bronze……. $579.86
    92 Hours of Artists Labor……. $4,328
    Installing and securing artwork with cement…… $140

    Mugshot of angry tough guy busted mexican…… Priceless

    1. Stephanie says:

      Seize the pickup truck used in the commission of the crime to pay restitution. Why should the victims of this crime be on the hook for the loss..

      1. Patty Armanini says:

        Great Idea Stehanie make the little SOB ay with his truck and 10 years in the slammer

      2. JRHowosso says:

        10 years at 30K per year something doesn’t sound right

      3. Vera says:

        Truck was probably stolen to, or it is total junk without registation.

  6. Joseph says:

    The media deliberately censors and covers up what’s really going on in this country. Any post that deals with Truth too close for comfort to the Multicultists is deleted. There is a whirlwind coming and it will sweep away the traitors and profiteers who plague us.

  7. Lickerface says:

    This is just ba-ba-ba-ba-aaad.

  8. Matt says:

    This is the problem with Mexican Illegals… they have no morals and they have zero respect for our laws and way of life.

    1. Charlie Harper says:



      2. Mac in NM says:

        Amen x 2.

    2. Butterflysky15 says:

      HE IS SALVADORIAN NOT MEXICAN! Just so quick to hate a Mexican are we?

      1. Mac in NM says:

        Latino? Latina? No speak English. Breed mucho. Steal car. Sell drugs. Not Mexican. Whatever.

      2. Detex says:

        dont worry, Mac in NM, know all the facts! Such creeps on this site sometimes!

    3. Dooz says:

      Seriously? That describes half the population of American citizens.

  9. OctoberOhio says:

    Kinda ignorant making this a Mexican problem. People are stealing metal here in Ohio too….and they’re aren’t many Mexican’s here! .imagine that!!

    1. Bob C. says:

      I’d bet anything that, if I went through the police reports in Ohio, Mexican “immigrants” would be VERY well represented when it comes to cases of theft and robbery. Represented at multiple times of their share of the local population.

      Don’t be naive. They do the same thing in Mexico. Ask yourself, why is it so horrible that they all want to come here?

    2. WagTheDog says:

      Who you foolin’? Ohio has as many Mexican illegals as anywhere else – they are EVERYWHERE! And the metal thefts across the country are almost wholly done by these same folks – not the blacks and not the whites. It’s their specialty – just another “gift” from Mexico and those Americans who think we should keep the borders open ‘cuz we “need” those folks or because it’s not nice to keep them out (another proof of liberal/progressive insanity). This whole mess will explode soon.

      1. ihatelbj says:

        Find out who he is and burn down his house.

        Civil War 2.

    3. John Harper says:

      You’ve obviously never been to Hamilton, OH, or Cincinnati. What are you talking about? There are tons of mexican illegal aliens in OH.

    4. sickoffools says:

      kinda stupid on your part Ohio blowmouth, Illegals have ravaged your State. It is dumb bleeps like you who fight the border fence and laws stopping a third world class of people from a corrupt country who steal to get here in the first place. Social security admits 14 million fraudulent uses of these numbers and mostly by Illegals from Mexico. Why Is L.A. ,Vegas, Dallas such a dump lately….Illegals. glad your ignorance is exposed. Remember the 98 Atlanta Olympic games ?? INS did a 4 State sweep and 10,000 jobs were being filled by local blacks and whites. Ignorant jerk off !

    5. Indyman says:

      You’re right Bob C. There are Mexicans all over Ohio. How about the 15 year Mexican that raped an 80 year old woman in Cincinnati? Butler county has an illegal immigrant task force. They are everywhere, and are everybody’s problem!!

    6. Honest Kent says:

      “It is my occupation to be plain.”
      Take a closer look Oct.Ohio.
      The’re not just illegal, they are refugees escaping from a government that has been dysfunctional since its inception in 1810. Their mentality has not crystallized to the concept of a free market economy. Their world view is different form that of the northern European

    7. Mac in NM says:

      Ok. Then we will be delighted to send our Mexican illegal alien criminals from out here in the Southwest to Ohio so you won’t feel so deprived.

    8. Leah Kettering says:

      What part of Ohio do you live in? Go to the parks on the weekends and watch them all play soccer. As one kid saw them he said, “The place is swarmin’ with ’em.”

    9. mcnertny says:

      Cant imagine what group that might be

  10. GRIZZ says:

    Are you a sanctuary city ohio?

    Didnt think so.Shut your mouth

    1. sickoffools says:

      Good one Grizz, I’ve worked on the border and those recent Arizona fires were started as a diversionary by Mexicans. October fool should go down there to help clean up the National Parks, lands left with tons of garbage, buy cows which were slaughtered and lost by ranchers, help the numerous raped women (mainly hispanic) by their cultured men, replace shot dogs on ranches, ease the minds and fears of women who had their homes broken into and forced to feed these bums, give funeral services to dead border agents and ranchers. I truly hate stupid people like October Ohio fool.

  11. Arty V says:

    La Raza! YEEEEeeeeee !

  12. Snuggle Pugs says:

    VIVA La Raza…. You deserve all this America for being asleep .. WAKE UP NOW!

    One has to wonder what it will take before the radicals at LaRaza (inside and outside the WhiteHouse) and the corrupted entities that profit from the presence of illegal aliens that Americans will never, ever allow these anarchists to turn our country into a clone of the filthy, lawless, violent, and corrupt third world countries they and the illegal aliens left behind before invading our country.

    It is well past the time we purge this country of the 30+ million illegal aliens who reside, with impunity, in our country. Simultaneously, we must purge from office every and any elected/appointed official who aids and abets these illegal aliens and/or the corrupted, greedy employers who hire them.

    Our immigraton system is not broken! That is pure horsepucky! What is wrong is our failure to deport the millions of illegal alien squatters living here, working U.S.
    jobs, sucking our social systems dry! Enforce U.S. Immigration Law, Title 8.0 USC, in its entirety, and watch how our ecomomy improves!

    1. The Sage Waitress says:

      The elite’s greed is self-consuming. There will be blood before they give in.

      1. WagTheDog says:

        Pugs is right on, and so are you, Sage! I see us soon combining the 2nd American Revolution with the 2nd Mexican-American War. Lock and load.

  13. newjerseybt says:

    This guy has an unhealthy interest in sheep.

  14. ZOO says:

    Did you ever live somewhere bad enough that you said to yourself… “I can’t have anything” …? Well now, that’s just about anywhere except maybe ultra-upscale or gated communities. And guess who is living in those communities – the same people that enabled the invasion over our southern border. Start with George W. Bush, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and work your way down. Yes, just about anybody could have lifted those sheep; it’s just that now the odds are double or triple.

  15. Turn off CBS says:

    Not going to bother posting on any CBS site as they censor heavily. If your post actually makes it it may only last an hour before being deleted. CBS is weak!

    1. Chicago Ray says:

      That’s why we call em SEE BS…. they feed it and the idiots eat it… 😉

  16. August says:

    It’s not stealing; he was just trying to make a better life for himself….

  17. John says:

    If the metal shop owner SUSPECTED the sheep were stolen, how did the sheep get cut up and where are they? Why would the metal shop owner cut them up and melt them down IF she suspected they were stolen?

  18. John says:

    If these thieves were illegal aliens, shame on the SHEEPLE of this country for NOT SECURING OUR BORDERS and charging the illegals with felonies, throwing them in jail for a few months and then busing them back to Mexico.

    How Mexico treats Its Illegals – USA should use Mexico’s Laws;f=37;t=001077;p=1

  19. Mark says:

    I would also advise the Police to use their rape kit on this one, bet he left some DNA behind.

    1. Chicago Ray says:

      No doubt, these illegals rape and pillage anything and anyone they can

  20. Goodgold says:

    I’m sure he’s a legal citizen, and has a drivers license and is fully insured! Absolutely. You can take that to the bank.

  21. p-rick says:

    Really your honor I was just trying to help the sheep through the fence!

  22. Hank Warren says:

    Illegal crime-wave during the US depression, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. Mr Planeman says:

      Hank, guns can be limited, the Second Amendment states: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

      Seems to me, that if you aren’t part of a well regulated militia, you can have your access to guns limited.

      1. Aaaaa says:

        No. The “well-regulated” militia part is the subordinate clause. It is subordinate to “the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” The “regulation” mentioned in the 2nd Amendment refers to arms such as an army “regular” would carry.

        Applied to today, such would mean that the militia (IOW, adult citizens) should be able to “keep and bear” M16s and Beretta M9, and similar firearms.

    2. Mr Planeman says:

      Also, as part of some criminal charges you aren’t allowed to own guns either, or are those felons also protected by your precious Second Amendment?

      1. Aaaaa says:

        You bring up a gross injustice. Rather than force a felon in to punishment in perpetuity, let the punishment fit the crime, then let him get on with his life unimpeded.

      2. Mr Planeman says:

        It should depend upon the crime, but I wouldn’t feel safe knowing that people with violent offenses on their record could get their hands on guns legally

  23. jason says:

    Just another illegal immigrant making a living in America!

  24. Frederick says:

    In Michigan all persons selling to metal recyclers must register with a governemtn ID & SSAN to sell. And the sellers get a 1099 if they sell over a certain amount. I’d recommend Ohio and other states having this metal theft problem begin the same procedures.

  25. American Citizen says:

    The elites are laughing at us all. They have control of our money, they’re doing population control with Obamacare and they don’t care if they leave America a 4th world country. Then they put up a teleprompter dummy and Americans think they’re expressing proper displeasure, but the same scams continue.

    See Yuri Bezmenov on demoralization

  26. George Johnson says:

    But they just want to come here and work we’re told!!! I’m so confused! Oh, and they want to assimilate too right?

  27. Fat Man from Michigan says:

    Illegal Immigration hurts everyone’s quality of life.

  28. Bill Jones says:

    Viva SB1070

  29. taxpayer says:

    WARNING your president want to make all the illegals citizens. Personaly I think it may be time to lock and load.

  30. Sirreal1 says:

    The traitors allowing and enabeling the invasion will be hung alongside the culprits they brought in as mercenaries. When the shi# hits the fan very soon I would not be surprised (when we take back our government) if Mexico gets nuked!

  31. Mr Planeman says:

    You people make me sick, you let the examples the media puts forth lead you to believe that all people are like this story. News flash! NOT ALL MEXICANS ARE ILLEGALS OR CRIMINALS! We wouldn’t have an issue like this if we weren’t constantly professing how “we are the richest, greatest, strongest…” I guarantee you that if you lived in a Mexican border state, you’d be quick to hop over to America, where the police are less corrupt, you don’t have such a high presence of drug gangs, and the possibility to make a living wage. I’m Mexican myself, my grandparents arrive legally, though, but almost all of you posters here offend me. I hope you get deported to Juarez or some other high trouble spot for a month, then you can tell me what you think about wanting to escape, or even the quality of the people who were unfortunate enough to be raised in perpetual gang warfare (like those in the ghettos of America)…

    1. cuthean says:

      That’s your problem, not mine.

      Now your problem is mine. I don’t like that cholo.

      1. Mr Planeman says:

        “Now your problem is mine.”

        So you belong to a group that is continually stereotyped as drug dealing, rapist-murderers?

      2. Mr Planeman says:

        Also, your calling me “cholo” just goes to show your bigotry. Just because I’m a Mexican doesn’t mean that I’m a gangster (cholo=Mexican Gangster)… I am a hard working American with Mexican heritage, you would rather I be a stereotypical lazy Mexican or a Cartel runner… Thankfully I’m not an evil person like you, I only wish you go through what my grandparents went through, poverty with the promise of a better life

      3. Detex says:

        Wow, you are a bigot! I am sure your family came over on the Mayflower, right?

      4. Mr Planeman says:

        @Detex, if that was directed at me, you should read my initial post in this thread, in it, I clearly state, “I’m Mexican myself, my grandparents arrive legally, though…”

  32. MontgomeryScott says:

    It’s too bad that Jose Rodriguez (or whatever this illegal’s name is) wasn’t shipped over to Wall Street (iinstead of Colorado), so that he could steal that Merrill Lynch bronze Bull from that camp at the foot of Mt. Ararat (oops, the hub of the financial world).
    There was this great video posted on YOUTUBE, a couple of years back, called ‘JUMP YOU Fuc#ers’. you all should look it up!
    From September 2007 to November 2010. the FED gave out 16.1 TRILLION in ‘loans’, and Citi got 2.1 Trillion, AIG over a trillion, B of A over a trillion…
    BUT the BORDERS cannot be secured (because the FED is funding our troops to sequre the borders in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN and LYBIA nad KUWAIT and YEMEN and all the other incursions that they want), and illegal aliens steal bronze statues from the heart of LIBERALISM (a truly BLUE state), COLORADO.
    Perhaps another 2.4 TRILLION in expenditures to the FED BALANCE SHEET will allow the neolibs to close the border, or at least get an idea about how these people come across (like operation ‘fast and’furious’, as funded in the TEXT of the 2,000+ page 2009 ‘stimulus’ 700 Billion dollar fed loan-bill [stimulus package], courtesy of the Messiah Obama)..

    OH, the IRONY!
    I think that you, out in Colorado, should invoke ‘sanctuary city’ legislation, and let Moises Rodriguez Fernandes emigrate to Nueva Jyork. Not only will this assuage your doubts about your patriotism, but it will give you a chance to show that you are as left as yoiu espouse to be, and at the same time, allow the NIMBY thing to FLOURISH 2,000 miles away!

    It’s gonna be a heck of a winter.
    I hope that your HUMMERS are all tuned up!

  33. Mike says:

    If we deport all Illegals that would create some jobs.

    1. NoOne Special says:

      What? 3, 4 millions new jobs at minimum? Hardly worth it in hte eyes of the Dems.

  34. I’ll probably hate myself for this one…..

    Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

    These days, you have to wonder how much the severed head of Jebediah Springfield would fetch in resale…

  35. schmuck281 says:

    Maybe the restaurant should consider getting some bronze statues of guard dogs?

  36. methatswho says:

    Mezkins are living proof the Indians BLANKED the buffalo

  37. Alfred-King of Wessex says:

    Obama and even Bush go light on this border problem. To Obama, they aren’t even illegals, but future unregistered Democrats. They will give birth here, never leave, and make huge demands on schools, hospitals and every kind of social service. Calif. is just about destroyed and bankrupt from this incursion, and the Mexicans will turn the American SW into the same dump and sewer that Mexico is now. It’s a “lose lose” situaiton. Only an adm. committed to real, secure and protected borders can stop this invasion of aliens who seek to change American into a Third World state.

  38. Smackadoo says:

    Even though he may be illegal, we as Americans need to do the right thing. We need to give this man a speedy trial then hang him.

  39. Flit Andersen says:

    Replace the sheep – send the bill to the Kennedy’s.

  40. CrimeEverywhere says:

    I figured out what “La Raza” means.

    It’s Spanish for “the crime”.

  41. Atatlan the great says:

    The mostly ILLEGALS who perpetrate such crimes laugh at our culture for leaving these expensive metal items unattended. They really DO think we’re fat dumb and stupid. We fail to seriously enforcie punishment for such crimes and our prisons are like hotels to them…..thanks all you bleeding heart liberals. This MUST end and will end come November.

  42. Kenny says:

    I guess Mamacita is out of town and he was lonely.

  43. William R. Barker says:

    Why doesn’t the article note whether the… er… “alleged perpetrator”… is an American citizen or even legal resident?

    When will the media learn that all political correctness gets us is an even more frustrated and angry public because we know we’re being manipulated and lied to?

  44. mjazz says:

    Just doing the “work” that Americans won’t do.

  45. Robert Tilden says:

    Since it was a Mexican who stole the sheep, (oh…what a coincidence that is..yeah), he was disappointed when he got home with it and discovered he could not have sex with the brass sheep. Oh well, not all is lost because he still has his seeester (aka sister) to have sex with.

    1. Flit Andersen says:

      What the heck – if she’s good enough for dear ol’ pappy……

    2. D says:

      Sex with his sister? We are not talking about the south here, plus he looks to have all his teeth… Also, it did not say he was Mexican…

  46. Conc3rn3d Citiz3n says:

    This guy was El Salvadorean.

    1. Robert Tilden says:

      Oh so like that is a difference? They are all born thieves, muggers, rapists, and members of MS-13.

  47. Robert Tilden says:

    And there a Greek shepherd who went to take his driver’s license test, and the officer asked him, “Sir, do you know how to make a U – turn?” To which the old perverted Greek answered, “Make a EWE turn, heck, I can make her eyes pop out!” LOL…Lesson is never turn your backside to a Greek shepherd……

  48. ugly1 says:

    I’d be checking the local mosques

  49. gibonski says:

    And some want to make these f**ks citizens !!

  50. lee says:

    Doing the jobs Americans aren’t willing to do. Stealing sheep.
    Well shall we institute a 50 cal shepherd?

  51. Baskin-Robbins says:

    Cut the joto up for dog food.

  52. Stu Cozza says:

    It is hoped he did not “use” the sheep before trying to sell it, but…

    one never knows, do one?

  53. Joey WOods says:

    Dont you just love the Kangaroo COurt System? WHat a joke.,

  54. Kware Roha says:

    You just know they tried unseemly acts wiht the poor Bronze Sheep Statue!

  55. For a new security system, how about you electrify the sheep? The next idiot that grabs on to it after hours will get lit up like a Christmas Tree! Put enough juice behind it and you can solve two problems with one touch… Stop the theft and pronounce judgement on the thief all in one go. Should save the taxpayers a ton of money on trials.

  56. Ironhorse says:

    Always have the heater fully magazined, one in the pipe w/ the safety off…..

  57. Molly Shain says:

    Hey guys, May be the U.S. considerably much better off staying with Syria’s Assad?

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