CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – When a lightning bolt struck the roof of Al Griebling’s home in Centennial on Thursday he was pretty sure he knew what had happened right away.

“I didn’t know what else it could be unless a plane fell on the house or something,” said Griebling, who lives near Dry Creek and Quebec.

Griebling and four friends were playing bridge when lightning cut through the roof.

“We heard a terrific loud noise and felt a vibration,” he said.

The bolt went through the roof into the attic and hit the living room couch, just a few feet from the group. A CBS4 crew shot vide of the charred back end of the couch where the lightning hit it.

“If I were sitting on the couch I wouldn’t be talking to you now because it went right through it,” he said.

Ed Murphy and Griebling have been playing bridge together for 16 years.

“We were just grateful that it was the grace of God we weren’t in the living room,” Murphy said.

lightning Lighting Strike Interrupts Card Game In Centennial

Emergency crews help out Al Griebling outside his home. (credit: CBS)

Officials said Griebling’s house isn’t safe enough to stay in so he and his wife are now going be staying with family until crews repair the damage. The fire caused by the lightning strike destroyed the attic and the roof and water damaged much of the home’s interior.

“I wish it hadn’t happened thats for sure. It tore my house up pretty badly,” he said.

About 33 firefighters from South Metro Fire Rescue Authority and the Littleton Fire Department worked to help put out the fire.


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