DENVER (CBS4)- By Friday afternoon, Frontier Airlines expects to be fully recovered from last week’s hail storm. The hail storm damaged 18 Frontier Airbus jets at Denver International Airport.

The CEO of Frontier, Bryan Bedford, flew into Colorado from Indiana to talk about the damage. He called the repair efforts heroic.

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Bedford also praised his call center for working overtime to rebook almost 50 cancelled flights. He said he wants Frontier customers to know that his company is willing to go the extra mile.

Watch CBS4’s Howard Nathan’s interview with Bryan Bedford below:

“I can tell you that when you lose 18 aircraft out of a fleet of 59, there is no playbook for how you run this. We could have said what other airlines said, ‘Hey it’s weather, it’s not our fault, you’re on your own.’ We didn’t do that. We said, we’re going to take care of people, we’re going to put them in hotels. We’re paying for it, we’re buying your food,” said Bedford.

Bedford also said it’s possible that Frontier’s headquarters will move again. He also noted that before the end of the year there will be a new chief operating officer hired, and that person will be based in Colorado.


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