DENVER (CBS4) – Protestors took to Jimmy Johns on the 16th Street Mall Wednesday to bring support to the Paid Sick Days Imitative.

The imitative will be on November’s ballot. If passed, places that don’t offer paid sick days would be required to do so.

Workers would accrue one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours of work. Protestors say the public’s health is at risk because sometimes sick workers have no choice but to show up.

“The consequences for workers who do not have paid sick days in restaurants like Jimmy Johns, fast food locations; when they go to work sick they infect thousands and thousands of customers a day in addition to their coworkers,” protester Allison Halprin-Lovejoy said.

The group alleges 40 percent of Colorado workers do not receive paid sick days.

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  1. NoS says:

    There is nothing in the proposed law that would require a sick employee to stay home. They can still come to work sick, and infect others. This does nothing for public health. It is all about being paid for not working.

    If such a law does pass, the days will come out of vacation time. It is the only way a business could afford to do it.

    1. AMPP says:

      A place like Jimmy John’s does not offer vacation time to it’s employees either so the money to provide for sick time will have to come from somewhere else. You have to remember most people who work for a place like this, only work part time, so it would take them over a week to earn even one hour of sick leave. This means it would be over a month before they could earn even one sick day. This is not going to bankrupt the business, especially one that is as established as Jimmy John’s

      The law will not prevent those who are sick from coming into work, but at least with sick days the employee will have the option of staying home instead of infecting everyone else. Some people come to work sick simple because they can’t afford the loss of pay for staying home, if they had a sick day to use this could all very well change.

  2. ConcernedReader says:

    Anyone else notice the “imitative” and not “initiative” MS Word typo of this article? Spell check only does so much, editors, come on.

  3. Bon says:

    Jimmy John’s is a restaurant? I think that’s a bit of a stretch.

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