DENVER (CBS4) – So you think you’re a discerning shopper? Consumer Reports has come out with the 15 most common shopping mistakes. You might be making some of them.

CBS4 money saver Suzanne McCarroll went out cruising stores on the 16th Street Mall to find people committing shopping sins. Watch her report in the video below.

Consumer Reports Top Shopping Mistakes

– Misplacing the receipt
– Buying an extended warranty
– Not checking for coupons or coupon codes
– Missing the “all sales final” sign or not checking the return policies
– Not reading user reviews
– Buying stuff you later decide you don’t want but failing to return it
– Impulse buying and not comparison shopping
– Not watching the register to make sure items ring up correctly
– Buying clothes without trying them on
– Not checking expiration dates
– Ordering online and not checking shipping costs
– Grocery shopping when hungry
– Buying something you don’t need just because it’s on sale
– Forgetting to mail in a rebate form
– Taking the tags off a new purchase before trying it on


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