LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Lakewood police on Wednesday released new information on a deadly shooting.

The shooting happened around 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Plaza De Lago apartment complex in the 1800 block of Kendall Street.

Police say they’re now looking for a 2004, gold- or champagne-colored Chevy TrailBlazer with the license plate number 261-RYN.

Police said one man was shot and killed in a third floor apartment. They don’t know if anyone else lived there and the coroner is still working to identify the victim.

Witnesses called police after hearing gunshots. Police said they’re now looking for three Hispanic males in their 20s who were seen driving away in the Chevy TrailBlazer after the shooting.

“I can say that much; we do not believe that this is a random crime,” Steve Davis with Lakewood police said. “These people in one way or another were acquainted with each other.”

Detectives say their best chances of solving the crime are in the first 72 hours. Anyone with information that might be helpful to detectives working on the case is asked to call Lakewood police at (303) 987-7111.

  1. denvervet says:

    Study some immigrant history Number 6, that’s my advice to you. It must be terrible “hating” all the time………or better yet, join the Armed Forces where Mexicans and people of color will watch your back. To me its such a waste of time to point the finger, takes a lot of energy that could be put to good use. My grandson is adopted and of Mexican decent, I dislike your comments. Even if I did not have a Mexican grandson I would dislike your comments. Cut it out guy, find a good cause and work at that.

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