DENVER (CBS4) – Assuming all goes as planned and the NFL lockout ends this week, which quarterback will be the Week 1 starter for the Denver Broncos? Tim Tebow or Kyle Orton?

Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd gave his honest assessment during CBS4’s Xfinity Monday Live! broadcast.

When asked who he thinks gives his team the best chance to win, here was his response:

“Obviously Kyle Orton because of the experience and the knowledge of the game. The knowledge of the culture of our team, and playing with the guys on the team for the longest period of time.”

Still, Lloyd said he feels like there’s something good going on with Tebow after playing with him as the starter in the last few games of last season.

“How I personally feel is Kyle Orton is going to move on to greener pastures and give himself a chance to really develop into the quarterback he deserves to be. So in my mind through the offseason I’m constantly thinking of how to make Tebow better — What can I do to help him develop as a quarterback? Because if Kyle’s here and he’s the quarterback it’s going to be really easy and probably take two or three passes for us to get back in the rhythm.”

At another point in the show Lloyd shared his feelings on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has taken a lot of shots during the lockout.

Lloyd said there’s “no way to sugar coat” the fact that Goodell has been representing the owners, not both sides.

“I don’t think that was necessarily fair for the commissioner to do,” he said.

“The commissioner should have been representing both sides the entire time and making sure it is fair for both parties moving forward for the best interest of the league,” Lloyd said.

Watch more of Lloyd’s comments in the Xfinity Monday Live! section.

  1. Jerry L. Casebolt says:

    While I respect Mr Lloyd immensely, the problem is that, apparently, he’s only heard input from the magnanimous representative of the the players union. He kept telling the players that the owners would lock them out. And how could he possibly have known that? He knew what HE was going to do that would give the owners no other choice. Typical UNION leadership.

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