We hear it so often,  flash floods kill more people than tornadoes and any other natural disasters.

We hear it — we get it — but sometimes before we know it the waters come upon us while traveling home from work, or to pick up our kids from daycare.

We never think it’s going to be “our family” that gets caught up in the rushing water.

Tonight, we’re sharing the story of a Colorado Springs family that had no idea what was in store for them when the rains came crashing down on their camping trip to Wyoming.

Alex and Laurel Constantindies, along with their three daughters, thought they were doing the right thing leaving their flooded campsite in search of drier, higher ground.

But along the way on highway 130 near Saratoga, their van struck a part of damaged, flooded road and Laurel and her three daughters drowned.

The father, Alex survived.

My prayers are certainly with him as he awakens from his injuries, and tackles the reality that his family has passed.

And my thoughts are with the rest of us as we move forward through the rest of this monsoon season.

Flash floods steal lives.

We must remember it, and take no chances.


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