DENVER (CBS4) – All the rain we’ve gotten recently is creating a pesky problem. Moisture and hot temperatures are perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

Colorado is already in the Top 5 for states with the worst West Nile virus problems. In order to save money some areas, like Jefferson Country, have eliminated spraying for mosquitoes from the budget. That means it’s up to you, to protect yourself.

Andy Carlson with ACE Hardware stopped by CBS4 studios to discuss some natural options for keeping mosquitoes away. Watch his interview in the video below.

Some of the topics Carlson talked about are as follows:

– The first plan of attack after it rains is to cut mosquito numbers.

– Rosemary isn’t just good for cooking, but it’s also a mosquito repellent. Other plants can help, too.

– There’s a certain flying rodent that may turn out to be our best friend.

  1. Jack Chang says:

    According to Consumers Report, the clip-on mosquito repellent does not work after a short period of time. In addition there is instruction not to inhale the vapor repellent. Since this is blown out by a small fan the only way to avoid the vapors is to either constantly stand upwind or stop breathing. The gentleman from Ace Hardware didn’t mention anything about mosquito spray which is unpleasant but most commonly used. I hope Ace Hardware paid you for the advertisement.

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