LEADVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – A 13-year-old boy who was attacked inside his tent by a hungry bear says he thought the attack would never end.

Rick Voss was sleeping inside his tent early Friday morning at a private campground by Twin Lakes near Leadville when the bear attacked. Voss says he felt the bear’s crushing teeth clamp down on his leg.

“It seemed like 30 minutes but I’m guessing with the adrenaline it might have been 10, maybe,” Voss said.

The bear, a 200 pound male black bear, had been rummaging through coolers around the campsite before it came into the tent.

Voss said the bear left with some of his clothing.

“Luckily my pajamas just broke and he just took my pajamas,” Voss said.

The boy’s yells woke up other campers, who quickly chased off the bear.

Robert Hall was at the campground during the attack.

“You never want to be sound asleep without a sound and all of a sudden hear a blood curdling scream of ‘Bear, bear, bear,'” Hall told CBS4.

bear attack Wildlife Officers Kill Bear Following Attack On Teen Camper

Scratches from the bear on a tree next to the tent (credit: CBS)

Later in the day wildlife officials with dogs tracked down the bear and killed it. They said that action was necessary because the animal was so brazen and aggresive towards a human.

Voss was brought to Children’s Hospital and was treated for his injuries.

Park officials said they want to remind campers in the wake of the attack to keep food away from tents and in bear-proof containers. They also say it’s a good idea for campers to change out of the clothes they might have worn while cooking before going to bed.

LINK: Colorado Division of Wildlife Bear Safety Tips

Comments (2)
  1. Left the animals alone says:

    Kill, KILL KILL…why not trap the bear and move him to an isolated wilderness…oh yeah there aren’t any left..I’m sorry this kid became a snack but don;t think it is right to kill the animal for acting like an animal!!!

  2. Doby says:

    The bear was not aggresive towards people, it was simply trying to get the food.
    If that teenager would have followed the simple rules to keep food inside containers and dont keep them in the tent, then the bear would still be alive.
    Thats the USA, just kill everything, its in your blood as it seems.

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