DENVER (CBS4) – A prayer service is scheduled for Friday night for a missing woman who vanished while hiking near Clear Creek.

Amy Ahonen, of Denver, has been missing for a week and her disappearance remains a mystery. Police found her car in Clear Creek Canyon near Golden.

Family and friends are still holding out hope that Ahonen will be found alive.

Ahonen’s black Jeep was found by the creek in Clear Creek Canyon. The jeep was unlocked and her sisters were told police found her cell phone, wallet with credit cards and a change of clothing.

Ahonen’s sisters, who just arrived in the area from Michigan, told CBS4 they are very concerned.

“Amy just cared so much about other people, she would never, never, never do this to my mother; she would never walk away. So something happened to her,” Annette Ahonen said.

Authorities called off their official ground search this week, but a voluteers search has been organized on Saturday morning and on Sunday. The group will search a 13 mile area of the canyon, centered around a trail known as Mayhem Gulch.

Ahonen’s sisters say her ex-husband lives in Florida and is very worried about her. The two ended the marriage on good terms, they said.

Ahonen is a hiker and loves the outdoors. She is 5-foot-4 with a slender frame, light blonde hair, and blue-green eyes. She is divorced and has no children. She moved here 5 years ago with her husband.

The service is being held at Epiphany Lutheran Church, at 790 South Corona in Denver. It begins at 8 p.m. and will be followed by a candle lighting outside the church.

Comments (6)
  1. mary says:

    The police stated this was not a case they considered important as it didn’t look like she left unwillingly, but yet they made a big deal of saying the monge missing girl is a hight priority. I’d seriously like to know the difference. The monge girl dressed and acted like a tramp and Ahonen is a respected woman with a respectable job and good clean behavior habits. Something is wrong with this picture. I hope Ms. Ahonen is found soon and unhurt.

  2. Adriana says:

    Either case should be important as they are both human beings, somebody’s daughter, sister, friend. No life is more important than the next. If I was wearing a miniskirt and went missing that doesn’t make me a tramp but if I were I would hope I was searched for as much as my friend Amy is being searched or Ms. Monge.

  3. Polly says:

    Mary, your narrow-minded, self-righteous, ignorant opinions are amazing. And please don’t take “amazing” as a compliment. It’s psychologically fascinating how you can judge a person and come to conclusions when it is highly unlikely that you don’t know either person or are intimate with the case from an official standpoint. I would not wish any harm on you for your beliefs or the way in which you dress. However I will tell you that your mentality is an embarrassment to our community.

  4. Polly says:

    Mary, another point: A big difference between the two cases (and this is only based on what the news outlets have shared so I apologize if you do indeed know more and I am mistaken) is that a man, Travis Forbes, ADMITTED he was with Kenia the night she disappeared (and by “with” I mean allegedly gave her a ride in his vehicle, not “with” as you may be misinterpreting) and was the last known person to see her. Whereas NO ONE has come forth in Amy’s case, that I am aware of, with any similar information. That should help (maybe) answer your question regarding the difference between the two cases.

  5. Larry says:

    The Police should look into the men Amy contacted on craigslist. It is possible that whatever happened to Amy might involve her meeting potential roommates over this website. I understand that she met some of these men in person at the community room of her apartment complex. I hope she is found alive but the longer this goes on the less likely we will have a favorable outcome. May prayers to her family and freinds.

  6. Dripable says:

    Awesome piece of writing!

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