DENVER (CBS4) – An official in the Colorado Attorney General’s office has confirmed that a man charged with Medicaid fraud in the state died in Egypt.

Attorney General spokesman Mike Saccone told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger, who reported on the story in February, that the death certificate of Emad Hanna has been authenticated. Federal officials and Egyptian contacts provided the certification.

Hanna was charged with bilking the state and federal government out of $70,000 in Medicaid funds late last year but refused to turn himself in. He then went to the Egyptian city of Alexandria right when the massive protests that led to the ouster of the president were going on.

Authorities told CBS4 in February they were concerned that Hanna might have taken advantage of the chaos in Egypt at that time to fake his death.

The charges against Hanna involved his company, Admired Transportation, which provided rides for Medicaid recipients to their appointments. CBS4 interviewed several victims

When Sallinger interviewed a member of Hanna’s family in Colorado in February they told Sallinger Hanna had died, but they didn’t offer any documentation.

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