AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The infamous weather balloon that floated over the Front Range in one of the state’s most unusual incidents is back in Colorado.

The balloon was sold at an online auction to a man in Aurora.

A lawyer for Richard Heene said the homemade craft, which many believed had floated away carrying his 6-year-old son, sold for $2,500.

The money will go towards Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief.

Heene had hoped the silver structure would bring in $1 million.

balloon Heenes Balloon Sold At Auction To Aurora Man

Richard Heene's balloon lands after its long flight across the skies of north-central Colorado. (credit: CBS)

Heene served jail time for the hoax and his probation prevented him from profiting from the situation for another two years.

More About Richard Heene

Richard Heene wound up with a 90-day jail sentence in Larimer County after pleading guilty to a false reporting charge after the “balloon boy” saga in October 2009.

richard heene Heenes Balloon Sold At Auction To Aurora Man

Richard Heene

Although he still tried to deny it after his guilty plea, officials say Heene knowingly lied to authorities, telling them he and his wife thought one of their three sons was up in a UFO-shaped helium weather balloon that took flight and traveled from their Fort Collins-area home to a field near Denver International Airport.

The scare prompted a major media circus to the first degree. The Heene family moved from Colorado to Florida in September 2010.


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