DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson is entering his third season as an NBA player. Everybody says the third year is when a player should make that next move to become the best player he can be.

“(I have) big expectations. We’ve got a new team and we’re going to try to go further than we did last year. And for myself, just basically get better. I’ve been working hard in the off-season to improve my jump shot and my all-around game,” Lawson told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi.

So far there have been a couple of changes to the Nuggets roster this off-season. Andre Miller returns to the team to replace Raymond Felton.

“He’s a vet, he’s been around the league a lot. He’s played here before, so there are a lot of things I can learn from him, and also I’m excited to play with him,” Lawson said.

Head coach George Karl loves Miller because he’s a great assist man. But he also does much more for a team.

“He’s just a great leader. He motivates people, he gets everybody involved and makes sure everybody’s comfortable … he’s one of the best passers in the league. He leads the league in assists or is in the Top 5, Top 10 or Top 15.”

Lawson had 10 three-pointers in just one game last year. There are times when some fans wonder if he’s not taking enough shots.

“Between the coaching staff, I need to take more shots, be more of a leader at the end of games. Normally I like to get everybody involved, but they want me to establish the tempo in myself early.”

Lawson said his jump shot has gotten a lot better.

“I’ve been working and putting a lot of hours in the gym,” he said. “That’s one thing, I want to prove to people that I can shoot.”

Lawson can’t comment on the NBA lockout, which could go on for a long time. Some players like Deron Williams are taking their game to Europe. What about Lawson? Is it possible he could play in Europe during the lockout?

“I’m definitely going to explore my options. If during the season or coming up to the season we’re still locked out, I will definitely explore that option.”

This summer Lawson his holding his first-ever basketball camp for kids and he is planning for it to become an annual event.

“I just want to give back a little bit. When I was young I never got the opportunity to come to a camp like this.”

With the help of Chipotle, Lawson gave scholarships to six kids to come to the basketball camp. They were picked through essays.

“And also people we knew who couldn’t make it to the camp financially, so we helped them out.”

Lombardi had one final question for Lawson. What was he going to do to get Nene to stay with the Nuggets?

“Oh man, I’ve been blowing up his phone. I have no idea, but I’ve still been blowing him up. He’s a big part of our team, so we’re definitely going to get him back.”


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