Who doesn’t like a weekend away?

There is something so great about taking a break from work, parenting and just the day to day obligations we all have.

It heals the mind and certainly soothes the soul.

People at work thought we were a bit crazy boarding a plane and heading for Phoenix, seeing the temperatures this weekend settled around 110.

Sure it was hot, but we had golf, a pool and an air conditioned room at The Phoenician.

What else does one need?

I had never been to Scottsdale or that hotel – and I just loved it.

People were great – service was awesome – and not too many other people around.

July in Arizona must be a bit too much for some vacationers!

I’m glad it wasn’t too much for us.

And since my golf game has a lot to be desired, I spent a lot of time getting to see the cactuses and desert terrain up close.

The plant life is just amazing.

But probably the best part in all of it – is just taking the time to reconnect with my husband.

A quick 48 hours away from it all is a wonderful “gift” to give your marriage.

I know it’s not always easy getting away and finding someone to help with the little one (or ones’.)

We are certainly fortunate to have family here that is quick to offer their time and love to care for Elle while we are away.


cimg2776 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)

cimg2771 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)

cimg2768 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)

cimg2767 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)

cimg2766 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)

cimg2765 e1310435681579 Weekend Away

(credit: Karen Leigh)


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