DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police kept close tabs on a protest that made its way downtown Saturday afternoon.

Saturday was the 1-year anniversary of the arrest of Marvin Booker. The 56-year-old street preacher died last summer while being subdued by deputies at the new Denver City Jail.

Demonstrators carried signs reading “We Will Never Forgive or Forget.” At one point police took pepper ball guns out of their trunks.

Three protesters were arrested.

Comments (7)
  1. Jessica says:

    Funny how everyone protests now… but where were his ‘friends’ and ‘family’ when he was a crack addict living homeless on the streets? Sounds like they just want a payout from the city that isn’t deserved (he fought the deputies, was high on crack cocaine and already had a heart condition… am I missing something?!)

    1. Number 6 says:

      You said it better than I was going to.

  2. Tom says:

    “Never forgive or forget”. From the “flock” of a street preacher. Doesn’t sound very Christian to me. I must agree with Jessica.

  3. Paul Revere says:

    The professional left just getiin` in some practice. Waiting for Barry, and Soros to give the word.. When their welfare money runs out..and the country is broke, they`ll be acting like those in Greece Get plenty of ammo patriots…be ready

    1. Larry Fortenski says:

      You are making this about President Obama, Paul Revere? This creep was sucking off the taxpayers while the professional right was in power, too. “Get plenty of ammo patriots”? Do you even read what you write?

  4. Joe Tee says:

    Don’t these losers have anything to do other than protesting about some CRACK ADDICT????

    Paul Revere………………..1000% correct as is Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Number 6 says:

    Read the protest sign, “Marvin Booker…We will never forgive or forget.” One not familiar with this loser’s case could easily think the protesters are protesting against something Marvin did (e.g. a crime). Oh wait, Marvin did commit a few crimes, hence the reason for him being in the hoosegow.

    Marvin Booker = dead loser.
    Protesters in support of Marvin Booker = live losers.

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