DENVER (AP) – Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper asked for the resignation of three members of the state’s gaming commission over their decision to give casinos a tax break.

Hickenlooper announced Wednesday he asked for the resignations because of a tax break for the state’s casino industry. The tax break took effect July 1.

The tax break came amid industry concerns that casinos were struggling because of the bad economy. Hickenlooper says “Colorado casinos pay among the lowest tax rates in America.” He previously said the tax break would cost the state millions in funding for community colleges and other groups that rely on gaming-tax revenue.

Republican Rep. Carole Murray says she disagrees with the governor’s decision and that the gaming commission is supposed to be independent and not subject to political reprisal.

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  1. Biff says:

    Nobody is giving me a tax break because of the bad economy. Are we suppose to give breaks to every industry that struggle a downturn in the economy? I mean, come on, it’s gambling, of course they are having a tough time, nobody has money to throw away.

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