DENVER (AP) – Should a question on 2012 ballots about legalizing marijuana compare pot to alcohol? A state title board is deciding the question Wednesday.

A marijuana activist challenging proposed language for the ballot measure says it’s a flawed description because there’s no limit on how much alcohol people can buy, but the ballot proposals suggest a marijuana possession limit. The objector says pot should be compared to medical marijuana already in Colorado, not alcohol.

Other legalization supporters argue it’s too much of a stretch to think Colorado voters would approve pot with no limits.

The state title board is charged with clearing language for possible ballot measures before supporters can start gathering enough signatures to make the ballot.

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  1. Keith-David Hammock says:

    Behind the Booze biz is American Mafia! Politricksters are in the pockets and on the payroll of Alcohol producers so little or no legislation. Pot growers are for the most part NOT paying the right politricksters enough money so Pot /and the industry of pot is being unfairly & unrealisticly targeted from fear of competition! NO one demands that Coors or Anheiser busch produce 70% of the ingredients in THEIR products!!! There is no rule that Whisky makers have to keep a list of every farmer growing corn for sour mash–* These politricksters are B.S.!!!

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