Denver Officer Fired Over Unauthorized Ammunition Use

DENVER (AP) – A Denver police officer who used unauthorized, military ammunition in a shooting that left a bystander wounded has been terminated.

The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Manger of Safety Charles Garcia issued a termination order for Officer Robert Fitzgibbons on June 14.

An investigation following the shooting last July found that Fitzgibbons had military “tracer” bullets in his .223-caliber Smith & Wesson rifle when he fired at an armed suspect. The investigation found police were justified in their use of force.

According to Garcia, Fitzgibbons was fired for violating departmental rules and mayoral executive orders regarding firearms and other conduct.

Police union president Nick Rogers says Fitzgibbons will appeal his termination. Nine Denver police officers have been fired since March.

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  • Greg H

    Would he have been less dead if the officer used “approved” ammunition!

  • bebe

    not suprising. the denver police have so many suits and wrongful acts accusations attached to them right now… is a wonder how ANYONE can see them as respectable authority figures. I was recently in jail for a DUI…..they told my husband i was free to bail out. He waited for 10 hours……until they told him they had lost me somewhere in the jail. I continually told them i was in the wrong place, but was told to “shut the f up”…..not censored though. how can you lose a human being? how can you rewconcile in your mind that treating humans like animals is okay (non-violent criminals)? our jails are so full of kids like me, but they can’t seem to catch the rapist that had assaulted my friend and been on the loose for years. Reminds me of a buddy ion highschool who said he wanted to be a cop just so he can feel powerful, be above the law, and mess with people. I guess this is a mission on many officers.

  • Number 6

    Well the tracer round definitely would have helped the cop see that his aim was on the mark.

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