Snakes Force Family From Home, Into Bankruptcy

MAYBELL, Colo. (CBS4) – A Colorado family has moved out of their house after discovering hundreds of snakes living inside. Their home was in the town of Maybell in northwestern Colorado. Now a bankruptcy court may sue the previous owner and real estate agent for failure to disclose the snakes were there.

It looked like a gem — four bedrooms, four baths. But once Cynthia Beaver and her family moved in they discovered the snakes.

“A friend was babysitting our animals and she said, ‘I don’t want to alarm you but there’s a snake back there.’ And then pretty soon there was just hundreds of them,” Beaver said.

Beaver took pictures of them and tried to get rid of them, without any luck. The snakes apparently decided they were there first and weren’t leaving.

“So you’d look back here and there are snakes with their heads sticking out between the siding with their tongues flicking in and out,” she said. “It was way nasty.”

The family quickly made a decision — if the snakes weren’t leaving, they were.

“You expected them to just drop from the ceiling. It was just a nasty feeling. You couldn’t go in the cereal boxes because we were afraid, ‘What if there was a snake in there?”

The dispute over the snakes has gotten a bit nasty as well. The Beaver family claims the real estate agent who sold them the house failed to mention anything about snakes at the closing after being asked about such a rumor. That salesperson insisted she had no knowledge of snakes from previous owners and pointed out the Beaver family chose not to have a professional home inspection done.

“We had to file for bankruptcy to get rid of the house – we lost all of our credit, everything.”

Now the house is for sale as a bank foreclosure. CBS4 obtained the listing brochure which simply says “As Is.” CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger called the new agent who was selling it. He asked the agent if she was aware of any prior history of problems. She said years ago previous owners stated there had been some snakes, but she hasn’t seen any and it has been remedied.

Such a problem is not unheard of. The Animal Planet channel did a story about a family in Idaho. Their yard was infested with garter snakes. They also left their home and filed for bankruptcy.

A lawsuit is in the works over the Maybell home. The previous owner of the house told CBS4 he was not aware of any snakes when he sold the house. He did not want to say more because a lawsuit is expected to be filed by the bankruptcy trustee over whether the issue of snakes should have been disclosed.

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  • Number 6

    It’s too bad they couldn’t sell it to a lawyer as the shyster would have felt right at home.

    • David Bennett

      Haha. I like that.

    • Delphinus13

      That actualy might be a good way to scare the snakes out of there. Move a few lawyers in.

      • Darrell Johnson

        won’t work, professional courtesy between the two

    • abrevaderci

      I know snakes. These homes were built over their winter nesting sites. Its called a hibernaculum. They were there before these houses.

      • Hoot4RE

        Sammy the Serpent sez: “Sssssssss, NEXT time get Your DAMNED House inspected, FIRST!” Ssssssssss!

      • dave

        Ahh, so nothing a 50gal barrel of diesel and a match won’t cure….

  • Lorsman Jeffers

    excellent opportunity to tell us what kind of snakes, but alas…

    • jnsesq

      Standard fare for modern “journalism.” You know, generic snakes… KInda like generic perps in urban flash mob violence. “We don’t need no stinkin’ details!”

      • TomD

        It’s not standard fare for modern journalism. It’s standard fare for local TV news, which is not about providing information but about providing titillation. It doesn’t matter what sorts of titles these TV people give themselves — this one is an “investigator,” haha — they’re just on camera playing make-believe.

        If you want actual journalism, you still have to rely on content from a newspaper or magazine.

      • dave

        So we can safely assume the snakes were black then…..

    • Sergeant Hulka

      If they were white Christian Republican snakes, you’d damn sure know it.

      • catquick


      • Jason

        Poor white Christian Republicans. Such victims.

      • AnonEmus

        LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Truth hurts…

      • dave

        “Poor white Christian Republicans. Such victims.”

        Why don’t you pull your pants up, quit using ghetto slang, finish high school and try to be one before “dissin” us, Cuz!

    • Daniel

      Read this story else where, the snakes are Garter snakes. Harmless but annoying nonetheless.

  • Drew

    I just cant beleive that they couldnt have been gotten rid of. There is so much missing information here like what kind of snakes, did they do anything to try to get rid of them, professional opinions on what could be done etc……
    From the sounds of it, they saw snakes, alot of snakes, and no matter what could be done they were not living there.

    • LJ

      I think it’s the same thing that happened in Idaho where the snakes have been going to that specific piece of land for years to hibernate and the community was built up around it. Also, it was thousands of snakes (not hundreds) living in the walls and completely taking over the house. If that’s the case, theres nothing you can do. You can bring down the house, put a new one up and still have the same problem next year.

    • Radiant

      Does that mean that progressive liberal-socialist snakes are “generic”?

      • Julio Pezuka

        Also gender neutral

  • Chase

    …and why did they waive a home inspection?

    • Kevin

      Exactly my thought. What idiot doesn’t have a home inspection done.

      As the old adage goes, “Buyer Beware”. If you’re can’t be bothered to do some basic homework before buying a house, you deserve whatever gets passed off to you.

  • Smash Crasher

    Look on the bright Side. At least they didn’t have any mice.

    • Don

      The snakes wished there were mice…..

      • TomD


  • Torr torr

    Such a cheap skate. Ruining a family’s lively hood over money. How could you look a fellow honest man in the eyes and tell him it was just a bland rumor. Integrity seems to be a thing of the past.

  • wakelaky

    I don’t know what’s worse: the snakes in the house or the multiple spelling errors in this story! Where’s the editor? Did the writer use spellcheck or even go to school? Sad.

  • N.J.

    Wussies. Snakes are better tasting than chicken!

  • Deskboy

    You could not tell unless you waived a lit torch around and the floor slithers.

  • Home Guard

    As a professional home inspector, I have to laugh at the comment about “they did not hire a home inspector.”

    Home Inspectors do not look for snakes–they look for building defects, shoddy maintenance, unsafe items, etc.

    Depending on the time of year that the house was purchased, the snakes may not even be present.

    Other than that, this is a failure to disclose issue and those vary by state.

    • KAREN



  • supershwa

    Simple solution for garter snakes: lawnmower.

    • Princess Garter Snake

      Mmmmm yeah, that would work great in a house… try not to let the build-up of poisonous carbon monoxide from the gas-powered mower ruin your day, dude…


      They are just Garter snakes. They won’t hurt anything and you won’t have any problems with mice. Stupid people.”


  • DJ

    They are just Garter snakes. They won’t hurt anything and you won’t have any problems with mice. Stupid people.

  • BigBoa

    AH HahAhA!

    When the mighty Boa saw the headline, he thought they were referring to the attorneys for the bank! Seeing as how they’re busy stealing homes from people to give away to savages.

  • bobby

    They where idiots for not having a home inspection.

  • SwoopDogg

    Grammar Alert:

    BAD [The snakes apparently decided they were their first and weren’t leaving.]
    GOOD [The snakes apparently decided they were there first and weren’t leaving.]

    • john

      It gets better- under the picture it says:
      “An picture…”
      Well done guys.

  • Jabaul Ja-Baul

    Dat bonus free meet! Snake tayst gud. Wat rong?

  • cliogunsmith

    Build a fence around the house and put a dozen pigs in it. In about 30 days there will be no more snakes. This trick has been known for about 100 years. It works even with rattlesnakes. The pigs thick skin protects them.

    • Julio Pezuka

      Have you ever smelled pigs? I’d live with snakes first.

      • Bottom Feeder

        Have you ever smelled Garter Snake Sht?

  • Mountain Man

    Get a mongoose – anybody ever hear of Kipling’s “Rikki Tikki Tavi”????

  • IrishEyesAreSmiling

    Afraid of a few snakes???? For Pete’s sake – a little garden snake is not going to hjurt you!!!! Snakes eat insects – as well as mice – they are really better than cats – you don’t have to feed them!!!!

  • Doustoi

    Not nearly enough detail in this story it’s like the writer just assumes everyone would default on their mortgages the minute they ran into problems. Somewhere there is an exterminator/pest removal business that would remove the problem and make the house liveable again, and no doubt the homeowners’ insurer would pay for it.
    This story sounds suspiciously like deadbeats trying to blame their ethical lapse on snakes.

  • LexTerrae

    Anyone damn-fool enough to buy a property without a thorough inspection done by professionals cannot blame their lack of good sense on anyone but themselves, but . . . that doesn’t keep them from trying. That’s not to say that an inspector would have found the infestation, but they would have had a much better chance of doing so than without one.

    As for the realtor and the former owner, of course they are going to say they had no knowledge of the problem. It would cost them money to miss the sale. What I’d like to know is what was in the seller’s disclosure required by all lenders. If the sellers can be shown to have known of the problem yet failed to disclose it, the buyers might have cause for legal action up to and including rescission of the sale. If so, the realtor should be forced to lose the sales commission and should – in a just world – be sanctioned by the board of realtors and shamed out of the business. Yeah! When pigs fly and we can find one honest politician, right?

  • Chris

    This is a TV news story… The details are in the video. (not that I have watched it) This was not a story from a newspaper where a real reporter writes stories everyday. TV reporters writes what will fit into 90 seconds of video and that’s it. If it were big big news maybe 180 seconds of copy.

  • The Cryptojournalist


    When I read the headline, I thought the writer was using some vivid imagery to describe a regular old bank foreclosure

    I hope someone made a joke about Destro being the family’s realtor……

  • Hashtag

    This was bound to happen. Builders keep plopping down McMansions everywhere. I say hire an attorney (yeah, ya hate em until ya need one!), sue the former owners, the real estate company & the builder. Then the town needs to carefully tear down the place. There’s a reason those snakes are there & it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

    • Troy

      That is NOT a McMansion… Other than that, I agree with you…

    • Carmen

      I sold real estate for nearly 2 decades.. and there wasn’t a line on the Seller’s Property Disclosure covering snakes. I don’t think they will win. My question is..are there some rattle snakes in that video???

  • Jasonn

    Out here in the People’s Republic of California we tent houses to get rid of pests like termites. Don’t know why it wouldn’t work on snakes. Might smell funny for awhile but you wouldn’t have any flicking tongues or hissing going on.

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