GRANBY, Colo. (CBS4) – Clean up efforts are under way in Granby after severe weather on Thursday.

Police say dozens of trees were blown down around town and in the nearby mountains. The roof of Middle Park Senior High School also was damaged.

Many homes also lost shingles when the gusty winds blew through.

One gust topped out at 83 miles per hour.

Brighton was also one of the Colorado communities that got hit hard. Tornado sirens went off when strong winds blew through, but there was no official tornado recorded.

Watch CBS4 reporter Valerie Castro’s report from Brighton Thursday night below:

Winds from the storm uprooted a tree and took out part of a fence in a neighborhood in the northern Denver suburb. The home was not damaged.

Neighbors say the storm lasted only a few minutes, but the strong winds left behind a big mess.

Resident Steve Sutterlin was out mowing his lawn when the winds suddenly picked up all around him.

“It was making a sound like a train noise. … It was so windy,” he said.

The winds uprooted a 50-year-old tree near his house.

Dale Davis said his first clue that the storm was about to hit was when his dog Penny started acting nervous.

“She went to hide inside and then I heard the screen door start to rattle and looked outside and the wind was really extreme,” he said.

In Denver the wind knocked down power lines near 44th and Irving.


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