EAGLE, Colo. (CBS4)- Wildlife officials are reiterating a warning to those who encounter bears, do not feed wild animals. This comes after two people were seen feeding a black bear and her three cubs outside a Burger King restaurant.

Police in Eagle received several phone calls Wednesday reporting the bear mom and her cubs going through a dumpster outside the fast food restaurant.

Witnesses said they saw at least two people buying cheeseburgers and hand feeding them to the bears.

“This is a whole other level of dumb and we really discourage people from thinking this is funny,” Theo Stein with Colorado Parks and Wildlife said. “Given that they got a food reward from people the likelihood is that they’re going to be seen again.”

Colorado has a two-strike policy. The first time a bear gets into trouble it’s relocated. But if the bear gets into trouble a second time it will be put down.

“We’ll assume that bear has learned the wrong behaviors and will need to be put down because it’s a risk to the public,” Stein said.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department said if the people are caught, they will be ticketed.


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