BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – A Boulder man is facing animal cruelty charges after witnesses say he beat his dog.

William Sawyer, 32, was arrested in a King Soopers parking lot. Witnesses say he punched his pit bull and then threw it at a car.

His girlfriend says Sawyer got angry at the dog, whose name is Hercules, because he broke a window in their van and followed them to the store.

The dog was taken to a local shelter but did not appear to be seriously hurt.

Comments (9)
  1. Whatever says:

    ANIMAL. oh never mind. MAN

  2. rottlover says:

    At lease this dog didn’t get a knife to his face or was that next ater geting thrown at a car? I hope these people never own another animal.

  3. louise Cordova says:

    I hope he rots in jail.

  4. Sam says:

    How do these animal abusers grow up without a trace of compassion? I too hope they never own another animal.

  5. Holly Logan Henry says:

    I want to know were all the “so called bystanders” where???? I swear If I was there I would have beaten this guys A$$!!!! I bet he also beats his girlfriend….This has got to stop people, when do we draw the line with abuse???? Any abuse is horrible, but animal abuse is the worst because they don’t have a voice!!!! We need strick laws to prevent this kind of behavior….It is a fact that animal abuse leads to domestic violence, and then murder….When are we going to wake up as a Nation and take this seriously????

  6. Karen Guzman says:

    so now the dog is in a kill shelter? What is wrong with this world and with this picture? Now the dog will be euthed in a kill shelter, because it is a pit bull becasue why? Oh, it wanted to be with its owner who left him in a car

    1. Holly Logan Henry says:

      you are right, that is probably what will happen….this makes me sick to my stomach!!!! All because this poor baby, who happens to be a Pitt, will have to pay the ultimate price all because his “so called owner” is a sick SOB!!!! I pray that someone hears this story and adopts this innocent baby, he deserves so much more than this.

  7. anonomous says:

    I know this person….he is very SICK!!!he cannot control his anger at all,and needs serious help,he has been in and out of programs and jail since he was 13….a lot of it has to do with the cps failure to rehabilitate a child who has grown up to be very disfunctional….NO EXUSE to beat his dog but when will someone take serious the need for real rehabilitation for people like this,put him in jail??ya he should be punished there for a while but there should be an after care of some kind after he is released so he can get clean,sober and learn to be a functional member of society…I pray for him and the dog of course that they both get what they need to heal….

  8. RC says:

    I don’t see anywhere it says in the story that he was taken to a “kill shelter”. It says a “local shelter”. If it is on Boulder it was taken to the Humane Society and they are not a kill shelter, especially if the dog is not vicious. This guy is a loser!

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