FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4)- The parents of three adopted girls from Russia will not go to jail after pleading guilty to child abuse. As part of the plea agreement, Steven and Edelwina Leschinsky are banned from having any contact with their adopted daughters, but stay out of jail.

The girls are now 12, 13 and 15 and staying with other family members.

One of the three girls spoke in court on Friday, while the prosecutor read letters from the other two describing the punishment and discipline given by their mother, Edelwina, or Winnie, as their father did nothing to stop it.

They claim Winnie forced them to complete thousands of pushup, run for miles and sometimes shoved a hose in their mouth, which made the girls feel like they were drowning.

At least two dozen family members were in court to support the girls in the child abuse sentencing. Many of them took the stand to testify against the couple.

“There’s no question what happened to those girls. There’s documentation and everything. They’re not liars,” said relative and current caregiver Dee Leschinsky.

Defense attorneys said while the discipline was sometimes too severe, it never amounted to torture.

“It’s very misleading. This case is the result of fabrication, exaggeration and deception by these three girls,” said Winnie Leschinsky’s Attorney Scott Robinson.

Winnie and Steven Leschinsky were sentenced to four years supervised probation for three counts each of misdemeanor child abuse. The couple gave up all parental rights.

Winnie is also serving a four year deferred sentence for one count of felony child abuse.

Comments (4)
  1. denvervet says:

    No jail time? What doesthat say? Those poor girls!

  2. Morgan says:

    If these 3 young ladies weren’t telling the truth, then why did their parents take the GUILTY PLEA agreement???? All of the facts were read by each one of them today in court. Despite what they went through these young ladies have shown great strength, bravery and are looking forward to living the rest of their lives with a REAL AMERICAN FAMILY!!!!!

    There has been a Trust Fund set up for the 3 Russian sisters education at any Wells Fargo Bank under the ‘AMERICAN DREAM’.

  3. av8her says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, Morgan! Give me a break, Scott Robinson…you are pathetic!! Discipline never amounts to SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, idiot! These two people are devils. They completely tortured these young ladies, and one of my family members witnessed it and called Winnie on it. At that time, the guilty witch cut my family member off all contact…go figure!!!! They should be locked up for life. Period.

  4. Semperfi says:

    If they were guilty, why did the DA offer the plea deal? If there were witnesses why was it not reported earlier? Why would the case worker admit in pre-trial that the girl she based the abuse admit to lying but disregarded the statement? Look at the court papers and testimony. It would not be the first time that Ft Collins has accused an innocent person to prison based on the DA’s investigation. I believe Timothy Masters was recently released after 10 years in prison because everyone believed he was guilty. In this case, a police detective used the system to make allegations and the couple according to Ft Collins would have to prove their innocence. After what happened to Timothy Masters, would you be willing to take that chance or accept the DA’s offer?

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