Written by Dr. Dave Hnida CBS4 Medical EditorIf you’re one of the 400,000 American women who had silicone breast implants placed last year— your clock is ticking.

A new study finds odds are you will need replacement or repair within 10 years. The odds are highest (up to 80%)  for those who have had the implants for reconstructive surgery, yet the rate is still substantial for replacement of implants for cosmetic reasons- 40%.

The reasons for replacements include hardening of the implant, rupture, leakage or shifting.

The FDA says there is no evidence of an increased risk of breast cancer, arthritis, or immune system disorders from silicone implants- most of the problems seem to be purely mechanical.

They are investigating a possible small risk of a rare cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which affected 60 women in a 10 year period worldwide who had silicone.

Bottom line- get silicone implants and realize they are not intended to last a lifetime- they do have an expiration date (though that date is different for each woman we are talking odds of a problem within a ten-year time frame.)

One other note, many doctors recommend MRI exams for implants. Check with your doctor to find out when you should be having one.


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