DENVER (CBS4) – A young woman who was victimized in her home in Africa is finding new hope thanks to doctors in Denver.

Prudence Mabhena’s voice helped her get a second chance and inspire others. She tries to live in grace, although when she was a child in her hometown in Zimbabwe, some thought she was cursed by the devil.

Mabhena was born with arthrogryposis, a crippling condition of the limbs. Her legs were amputated below the knees. Her parents abandoned her. Yet through it all, she says she’s blessed.

“I actually feel blessed when I find out that I bless people. When I was a kid everything that was said about me I almost believed it,” she said. “Yeah, I was abandoned. Yeah, I was cursed. I was this and that. But now I’m finding that whatever I’ve done, whatever I do, builds up people. It strengthens their faith. I feel so happy.”

In 2009 she became the subject and star of the Oscar-winning documentary “Music by Prudence,” which led her to the Telluride Film Festival. One chance meeting led to another. Six months ago she set up residence in Denver.

“I believe every person has a purpose of being here and everything that happens is God’s plan. So I’d say that everything has happened, happened for a reason.”

Doctors at The Children’s Hospital donated time and costly surgeries just so that Mabhena can sit up straight.

“If you keep on moving you will succeed and get to the top of someday.”

She has mastered the state-of-the-art wheelchair since a recent benefit. And although she’s looking forward to going back home to rejoin her band and build a home, she says that she’ll always have a place for Denver.

“I would love to come back to Denver.”

Mabhena goes home to Zimbabwe Tuesday.

Link: “Music by Prudence”

  1. DMR says:

    What a brave and amazing women. Thanks to the wonderful doctors.

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