DENVER (CBS4)- Mayor-elect Michael Hancock’s wife, Mary Louise Lee, has big plans for the city when she becomes First Lady of Denver. Lee is a locally-acclaimed actress and vocalist who is used to being in the spotlight.

She plans to use her influence to open doors for local artists while still being a mom, wife and city employee.

Lee and Hancock are high school sweethearts. She said he told her he would someday be mayor.

“I’m yeah, whatever,” laughed Lee, even though she admitted she always knew this day would come.

Lee is determined to keep stability for the couple’s three teenage children. They’ll continue to live in their home in Green Valley Ranch.

Lee will also continue to be involved with the arts.

“A lot of time theaters will go out of state to find artists,” said Lee. “I’m hoping we can celebrate our local artists here, that’s what’s important. We have some good talent.”

Lee believes her role is to keep her husband grounded. She will keep her job as a program coordinator in Denver’s Youth Diversion Office.

Lee also plans to focus attention on performing arts in schools. Many schools are cutting back on music, drama and bad. Lee plans to work on saving those programs.


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