DENVER (CBS4) – This week pilots for Frontier Airlines are voting on whether to give up some of their benefits. In return they would get a stake in the company.

The deal includes delayed pay increases, lower company 401K contributions and fewer sick and vacation days.

CBS4’s news partners at the Denver Business Journal have been following this developing story since the weekend.

Watch Ed Sealover from the Denver Business Journal’s appearance on CBS4 News at 6 p.m. on Tuesday where he discussed the issue in depth. Watch the interview about Frontier’s future in the video clip below.

With the deal pilots would then become minority owners of the airline.

The CEO of Republic Airways, which owns Frontier, is hinting that more employee deals may be needed in order to stay profitable.

LINK: Denver Business Journal

  1. Lisa Denver CSA Agent says:

    I am tired of the media forecasting doom to my beloved employer company. I have worked very hard for almost 7 yrs and the media is churning up so much negativity that it is effecting our customers when they check in. They are becoming increasingly verbally abusive to the agents and we would appreciate it if DENVER news media..ALL OF THEM..would consider the feelings of the blood sweat and tears that we have put forth to keep this airline going for so long. I am a proud employee and would appreciate more support and show Frontier employees and the airline in a better fashion and more respect for the work we are doing to keep this airline flying.

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