DENVER (CBS4) – Citigroup is now the latest company to have its computers hacked.

Thursday the bank announced hackers accessed the credit card information of customers. Citigroup’s data breach leaves 200,000 of its card holders accounts exposed.

“I hope you stopped your credit card, I hope you didn’t just let them take the charges off and keep the old credit card number. You stopped it, you closed it, you got a new credit card, new number,” fraud expert Cary Johnson with the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office said.

According to Citigroup, the hackers got customer names, account numbers, contact information and e-mail addresses. The bank says birth dates, Social Security numbers, expiration dates and card security codes are safe. But Johnson isn’t buying it.

“A Social Security number is linked to all credit. So why would they keep that in a separate file apart from their credit files?” Johnson said.

The bank apparently discovered the breach in early May and is just now contacting customers impacted.

“Well I think that’s reprehensible. Businesses are always hoping that when they find a hacker has gotten into their system nothing will come of it, and so they have a tendency to wait. That’s to the consumer’s detriment,” Johnson said.

This data breach is the latest in a series of major intrusions into the computers of companies.

“The thing I would hope about this situation is that it’s just hackers who are arrogant enough to say, ‘I want to see if I can beat their system.’ Not really people who want to use the information.”

Still be leery of any Citigroup e-mail or phone call asking for personal information, like passwords and pin numbers.

Citigroup customers who want peace of mind can call the bank to find out if their account was hacked.


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