DENVER (CBS4) – The Save the Dream tour has come to Denver to offer free foreclosure prevention and mortgage modification.

Dozens of people waited outside the Colorado Convention Center Thursday morning, hoping to be first in line for the five day event.

Financial counselors and lenders will all be there.

The organization behind the event, called the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America, says consumers don’t have to be in foreclosure, they just have to prove their mortgage is unaffordable and that their success rate is highest when someone is paying more than 31 percent of their gross monthly income on a mortgage.

CBS4 Consumer Investigator Jodi Brooks reported Wednesday night that some say the program is counterproductive.

“It was just one frustration after another, one promise after another, and one disappointment after another,” John Heinen said.

Darren Duarte, a spokesman for NACA, said some of the money to put the event together comes from federal grants.

If you do plan to attend the event expect it to take at least four to five hours to go through the modification process.

For more information, visit NACA’s website.


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