Good Reads are Always a Great Investment!

Written by Brooke Wagner

The Denver Public Library’s 36th annual Gigantic Used Book Sale is going on now!

It runs today, Thursday, June 9, through Sunday, June 12. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day except Sunday, when hours are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This was actually my first big library book sale years ago, and book hunting has remained a favorite hobby of mine.

I love to find novels and biographies for the adults in my family, and wonderful children’s titles for my kids. There are thousands and thousands of books, CDs, DVDs and audio books.

It’s a wonderful treasure hunt! I love the excitement of glimpsing a familiar cover I’ve been seeking from across the room.

Items start at 50 cents.

The home library I’ve built for very little money has become a prized possession –- and has brought us so many hours of precious family reading time!

I always keep my eyes peeled for books we can all read aloud, and enjoy together.

Of course, I rely on the library for anytime entertainment for my family. But, it’s been a special experience to watch my kids go to our personal bookshelf time and time again to find something new.

Books are such an important part of growing up, improving our vocabulary and world view, giving us perspective, and helping us relax.

And, at these small prices, who can resist?

I must mention, the Arapahoe Library District has one of my absolute favorite book sales at Koelbel Library near Holly and Orchard – and the prices are amazing! One year, I walked out with two paper grocery bags full of books for $5 total! Koelbel also has a little café with a year-round year book sale.

Douglas County Libraries have a similar, year-round used book sale going.

If you’re like me, and being surrounded by books of all kinds makes your life feel just a little richer, then take the time to check out one of these sales.

Allow plenty of time –- you don’t want to feel rushed combing through those stacks! Your whole family will thank you for the unique gift of reading.

What a bargain!

If you know of great sales, please pass them along in “comments.” And, don’t forget the CBS4 Deal of the Day! Happy hunting!

LINK: Denver Public Library Friends Foundation Booksale Page

About The Blogger

– In her Brooke’s Bargains blog Brooke Wagner writes about finding bargains and saving money for her family. She calls it one of her favorite hobbies. Blog entries cover everything from the latest steals, deals, and freebies to cheap family activities, saving for college, and what to buy right now.


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