DENVER (CBS4) – There is a new way to save money on a gas. At King Soopers, if shoppers buy enough in their stores, they could save up to $1 a gallon at the pump.

It’s King Soopers’ way of saying “thank you” to loyal customers. It’s also a way to try to get a grip on some new customers.

Drivers are all up for a discount. Gasoline in Colorado now hovers at around $3.70 a gallon.

“The price keeps going up and the money doesn’t,” a driver said. “I haven’t had a raise on Social Security in years.”

King Soopers sees the pain at the pump as an opportunity. Starting Wednesday customers who fill up at any King Soopers, City Market or Loaf ‘N Jug can save up to $1 a gallon by redeeming points.

The program works with a customer’s King Soopers card. For every dollar spent inside the customer gets a point. Spend $100 and get 10 extra points. That’s equals 10 cents off a gallon of gas. That used to be the maximum in a single fill-up. Now, $200 spent is 20 cents off and so on.

Up to 1,000 points can be redeemed for up to $1 off per gallon.

Every prescription filled at King Soopers is 50 points. From June 8 to June 21, buy a gift card and earn four times the points, and then two times after that.

Points carry over for one month.

King Soopers says the new gas program is a way to pump up loyal customers.

“Well that will make you shop at King Soopers more and that will make it all the more better,” a customer said.

The program lasts indefinitely. It’s not available at Shell stations. Customers just get the 10 cent discount for 100 points there.

If the system seems complicated, Kings Soopers says to just go to a store and ask about it.

Link: Kings Soopers Gas Program

Comments (7)
  1. Barbara Hoover says:

    You are supposed to get similar deal at Shell stations. When my husband got gas this past weekend, the cashier at first Shell did not know about the program and he finally went to different Shell that was equipped to take cards as well as bank cards so worked out much better.

  2. mkdenver1 says:

    This isn’t worth it. You have to spend $1,000 just to get a buck off. The $.10/gallon discount is hardly worth it too. If you have a 14 gallon tank, you’re saving at most $1.40 and that’s less than a 3% discount. So as mentioned you have to basically spend way more than what the discount is worth. But at least they’re thinking.

    1. CC says:

      I totally agree with ya! The other grocery store I know, they’re doing the same thing and you actually lose your money!

  3. Jim Eskridge says:

    Let King Soopers buy their adverts, don’t pretend that this is NEWS. This is why I NEVER watch the “news.” What ever the % off program costs KS was recouped by your shameless plug.

  4. Scott says:

    Glad to see that Denver-area King Soopers are finally adopting this policy. Just moved here from the Springs, where this has been in place for a number of years. Have never reached $1 off a gallon, but even 20-30 cents helps! If you shop at Kings Soopers, doesn’t make sense to go anywhere else other than Kings for gas. Smart on Kings’ part, and you might as well take advantage of the discount if you’re going to shop there anyway!

  5. TiVo says:

    Mkdenver1 u r truly ignorant. If I have to shop at king soopers to get my groceries anyway, why wouldn’t I want a discount on gas however small it may b. My household food budget per month is $1000 so wen I fill up my Lexus hs250 hybrid and my wife fills up her mini cooper we drive off quite happy having saved 30-40 bucks JUST FILLING OUR TANKS!!!

  6. Thanks for blogging this, it was unbelieveably informative and helped me tons

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