BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)- The risk of fires and flooding across Colorado could put some homeowners at risk. There are certain homes that may not have enough insurance if disaster strikes.

Many homeowners who lost their homes in the Fourmile Fire are rebuilding.

“Every year has its own concerns and every year has its disasters, whether it is high risk or not,” said Department of Emergency Management spokesman Brandon Williams.

In the foothills outside Boulder the threat of natural disaster spans from diverting wildfires to flash flooding.

“The fire came right up to the house with the grass burning,” said Sunshine Canyon resident Gene Fisher.

Fisher is lucky, the fire that burned through his neighborhood only caused minor damage to his home. Other neighbors lost their entire homes. It was only after the burn did he learn that he was under insured.

“I read that 60 percent of the people up here were under insured and some of them substantially,” said Fisher.

Fisher increased his insurance coverage, but many homeowners trying to move on have been forced to cut their losses by living with less. Many have rebuilt substantially smaller homes on their property.

“Look to see if you have accurate coverage. Look to see if there are changes to your property that are subject to change,” said Williams.


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