Mayoral Candidates Have Opposing Views Of Secure Communities Program

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CBS4's Debate

mayoral debate1 Mayoral Candidates Have Opposing Views Of Secure Communities Program Watch the hour long debate on May 21 and see some of the heated exchanges between candidates Chris Romer and Michael Hancock in their entirety.

Visit for resources and information relating to the mayor's race and the runoff election on June 7.

DENVER (CBS4)- A controversial program has the two Denver mayoral candidates on opposite sides of a heated debate.

One group of Latino activists, the Colorado Latino Forum, is calling on Michael Hancock to limit Denver’s participation in the “Secure Communities” program. Chris Romer has already signed a pledge promising that if he is elected mayor, Denver would only report data about convicted felons to immigration authorities. space Mayoral Candidates Have Opposing Views Of Secure Communities Program

The federal program checks the fingerprints of all people arrested against a national database. It also checks their legal status and arrest record. Three counties in Colorado, including Denver, participate in the program.

A federal investigation is under way into how immigration authorities are using “Secure Communities” to identify and deport dangerous criminals who are illegal immigrants.

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