BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – Two Boulder companies have teamed up in an effort to take the noise and pollution out of lawn work.

Ecological Lawn Care already uses battery-powered equipment for its clients but it is hoping to create a lightweight battery backpack that will allow its crews to do even more work with cordless electrical equipment.

“From an emission standpoint, traditional lawn care companies are bad polluters,” Ecological Lawn Care founder John DeFilippi told CBS4’s Corey Christiansen. “The EPA estimates at least 5 percent of all urban area air pollution comes from lawn care equipment.”

To fight that pollution DeFilippi’s crews use cordless electrical equipment on small projects and recharge the batteries using solar and wind power.

“On larger properties where the cordless electric equipment is not adequate, we’re working on new tools to help us get those jobs done with corded equipment which is much more powerful.”

That’s where Pete’s Electric comes in. That company is helping DeFilippi design a special backpack.

“We want to build a backpack that has recharges batteries so we can charge those batteries with a clean source like solar or wind power,” DeFilippi said. “We can put it on our backs and plug in more powerful equipment for larger properties like condo complexes and private schools.”

Right now that backpack weighs about 35 pounds but DiFilippi hopes to reduce the weight farther so it would be equivalent to gas-powered lawn equipment.

“People love it because it’s clean and it’s considerably quieter than those two-stroke gas powered equipment with all the smoke,” said DeFilppi.


Comments (2)
  1. backpackandgear says:

    I love this idea. I have gas powered equipment but I would like to one day be able to use electric to help clean the air. I had used a battery powered trimmer but it was too small for the lawn I have. I drive a Prius which is 70% cleaner than cars of the same year. Joe from Backpack and Gear

  2. denvervet says:

    Small business like this makes this country great. I commend this man for having vision.

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