DENVER (AP) — Republican and Democratic lawmakers are challenging Colorado’s strict and tax-and-spending limits in federal court.

The Denver Post reported that the suit would be filed Monday.

Among those challenging the Taxpayers Bill of Rights — or TABOR — are Democratic Rep. Andy Kerr of Lakewood and former Republican state Sen. Norma Anderson.

TABOR requires lawmakers to ask voters to raise taxes. It also limits the amount of tax revenue the state can keep and spend.

The suit alleges that it violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of a small-R “republican” government where elected representatives make decisions on behalf of voters.

The plaintiffs are being represented by Boulder attorney Herb Fenster, a Republican, along with two Democrats, former Congressman David Skaggs and former state Sen. Mike Feeley of Lakewood.

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Comments (6)
  1. Steve says:

    For the People, by the People…..

  2. Susan says:

    Government at all levels just can’t STAND not being able to get its grubby little mitts on our hard earned money! Go get a real job politicians and leave TABOR alone….creeps!!!

  3. Steve says:

    So the politicians of both parties finally reveal their true colors!!!

  4. Herb Homan says:

    An interesting issue on how we govern ourselves. Colorado has deteriorated under TABOR, becoming one of the lowest taxing states in the country–to the detriment of our educational systems and infrastructure. I admire the courage of the plaintiffs in bringing this action.

    1. Jawaid Bazyar says:

      I’m sorry Herb, can you detail exactly how our educational system has failed in Colorado? In fact, Colorado ranks well in K12 performance.

      And of course, in this recession, Colorado has fared better than average.

      Of course, if education and infrastructure are important to you, you might consider encouraging the legislature to cut the many other wasteful programs we have here to ensure that we always have enough money for schools and roads.

      But that’s not the point. Statists such as yourself *always* preach the doom and gloom in the hopes of scaring the people into accepting ever-growing government. That’s not going to work any more. We’ve woken up.

  5. Terence says:

    I am no fan of Tabor, and did not vote for it in the first place. But bringing a suit forward to challenge something that was approved by voters 18 or so years ago? That doesn’t seem like money well spent either. I would rather see efforts spent on finding a way to solve all the conflicting amendments to the constitution, and keep it from happening again.

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