DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – A mayoral endorsement is typically a low-key news conference, but not on Tuesday when former Mayor Federico Pena announced he’s backing Chris Romer in the runoff election.

Hecklers were determined not to let the news conference go smoothly. Among the rabble rousers was a paid staffer for Romer’s opponent Michael Hancock.

Kendra Sandoval crashed the news conference and stirred things up when she accused Pena of joining a negative campaign. The question was in reference to a recent ad by Romer. It blasts Hancock over a vote he took in 2007 to raise the pay of city workers.

Sandoval asked Pena whether he would be a part of the “slanderous lies going on.” Pena insisted the ad wasn’t an attack.

“It’s not personal. It has to do with one’s position, while in public office, on a record vote on a very important issue facing the people of Denver, which has budgetary impacts for a city, which is into a $100 million shortfall,” Pena said. “My view is that when you run ads based on facts and the record, it’s factual.”
space Hecklers Show Up At Penas Endorsement Of Romer

But that didn’t satisfy Sandoval and two other Hancock supporters who continued to press Pena and Romer. Pena ended up shutting the news conference down.

“I’m going to step in here; I’m going to step in here. Wait a minute, we’re getting three questions from Michael Hancock’s supporters … but this is a press conference,” Pena said. “You want me to go to Michael’s next press conference? I’m not, I’m not, because I don’t do that. So let’s take questions from the press please.”

Sandoval is the daughter of longtime Latino activist Paul Sandoval. The Hancock campaign issued a statement saying she was at the presser on her own volition. Still, they acknowledge she is a paid organizer for Hancock, who has promised to run a positive campaign.

Ballots go out in three days.

CBS4’s Shaun Boyd will moderate a debate with both candidates for mayor this weekend. It airs Saturday at 6 p.m. on CBS4.

Comments (9)
  1. Brian says:

    “My view is that when you run ads based on facts and the record, it’s factual.”

    Feddy got it wrong, what a “shock”

    Channel 4 and the Denver Post have both said Romer’s ad was deceptive.

  2. Number 6 says:

    Notice how Romer is getting Hispanic/Chicano/Latino endorsements with the latest being Federico “Imagine a Brown Town” Pena’s being the latest. If Romer gets elected, you can bet Denver will continue its misguided sanctuary city policies for illegal aliens.

    1. A.J. says:

      //If Romer gets elected, you can bet Denver will continue its misguided sanctuary city policies for illegal aliens// Yeah just like it did during Pena’s and the other Romer’s term right? Is there anything you Conservative/Tea Baggers don’t fear?

      1. Number 6 says:


        Denver has had a sanctuary city policy towards illegal aliens since Pena to this day. If Romer gets in he will continue to do so. Romer also has a history of pushing for legislation and policies rewarding illegal aliens in exchange for garnering votes for the despicable Democratic Party.

        BTW, Chris’ father Roy was governor of Colorado, not Denver’s mayor.

        I also pick on all political parties as I’m not a member of any one of them as they all have flaws that I disagree with.

        By the way, T.E.A. stands for Taxed Enough Already.

  3. Samuel Wells says:

    “Heckler’s”??? Thank you for providing further proof of the total uselessness and degradation of American journalism: your staff writers and editors seem incapable of catching basic errors in grammar and punctuation.

    One might think that after the folding of the Rocky and the recent departure of one of the Post’s major editors, local news outlets might expend a bit more energy in proofing and fact checking their work instead of making errors one would expect from a sixth grader.

    1. denvervet says:

      My hobby is to correct people reporting the news, their grammar and also their pronunciation of words.

  4. happyday says:

    Man Freddy reall looks bad! Don’t live in Denver, but think both candidates stink! Denver couldn’t become more of a santuary city than it already is. Hahaha. The City of Denver is just nasty and it’s getting worse. Good luck to the people living there.

  5. nogo postal says:

    ok…Romer will not get the white/scared/racist vote…that vote will never elect anyone in Denver anyway (because you don’t live in Denver and can’t vote here..)…How many racists can dance on the head of a pin?
    None..racists can’t dance..

    1. Number 6 says:

      Being racist is not exclusive to whites.

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