DENVER (CBS4) – Federal health officials are considering whether to add dosing instructions for children under 2 years old to products such as Children’s Tylenol.

The over-the-counter pain relievers and fever reducers contain acetaminophen. Some of the products don’t contain dosing information for children younger than 2 because of the possible risks of injury to the liver.

The label encourages parents to check with their pediatrician before giving the medications. However, many doctors say that creates confusion for parents.

“Many times the parent is going to guess and they may underdose or they may overdose,” said Dr. Susan Larson, Rose Medical Center Chairman of Pediatrics. “I think a lot of parents went by the old formula of if you’re a medium kid, you give half the dose of what you give an adult. If you’re a small kid, you give a quarter, and that’s absolutely not accurate.”

A Food and Drug Administration analysis shows the majority of acetaminophen overdoses in children are in those younger than 2.


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