COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) – Colorado Springs authorities are defending assigning seven detectives to spend $700 at a strip club as part of a liquor compliance audit and prostitution sting.

The Gazette reports that PT’s Showclub surrendered its liquor license on April 28. A March 5 audit found alcohol violations but no prostitution after detectives solicited sex for money.

Colorado Springs Lt. John Godsey heads the multi-agency Metro, Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Unit. He says the $700 came from money seized in other undercover investigations.

Godsey says $100 per police and sheriff detectives trying to blend in seems about right for a gentleman’s club. An attorney for the club says the owners voluntarily surrendered the club’s liquor license.

The club is now all nude and doesn’t serve liquor.

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Comments (7)
  1. W Roberts says:

    Is this supposed to be news? How would you expect a cop to go into a club and blend in. Buy a few drinks and hang out for a while makes sense to me. Are they supposed to spend their own money to sting an illegal club? Go find us us some real news you morons.

    1. Jerico kane says:

      Beverly hills cop

      We just had soda water!

  2. Jake says:

    Bimbos and crooked cops, this time on taxpayer time. PPPLease!!!!!.

    Call out the swat team too boys! They deserve to see the Bimbo’s file into the paddy wagon. (free show)

  3. john says:

    Wow! Real crime fighters going to strip clubs. Go out and fight real crime! This is pathetic.

  4. Buzzkill says:

    Great police work fellas. You have a crime problem in Colorado Springs and it is not in the local stripclub. That town has more murders than Denver to date and you waste your time with this? Busting the nudie bar may be “low hanging fruit” but does that ever really protect anyone?
    At least it makes the “moral majority” feel great. Say “Hi” to Ted Haggard.

  5. RckyMtn says:

    And even as that was happening, my daughter was being told they don’t have the resources to send an officer to take a report on an attempted car theft. It would have been the perfect opportunity to get finger prints for someone that is probably already in the system and get a thief off the streets, but noooooooo – that might interfer with stuffing a dollar in a G string!

  6. john says:

    Yessir, that’s laying your life on the line for us everyday officers.
    It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it right?
    Aren’t there enough serious things going on to keep you guys busy?
    The taxpayers paid $700.00 for officers night out?
    No matter how you try to defend this the fact is $700.00 was spent on ??
    Now that I think of it why in the world would it take seven detectives to try and solicit a girl at a stripo club? ( to no avail apparently)
    Even the water board and Xcel energy don’t waste that much manpower.
    I also assume this was done during their shift so we were paying them at that?
    How much is a beer at a strip club anyway?
    Oh I see maybe all the money was not for beer?
    You wonder why the people are disgusted with government?
    Hey you guys didn’t happen to see the honorable Judge Edward Nottingham there did you? He’s probably still at the Diamond Cabaret!
    Just wondering

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