DENVER (CBS4)- After two days of rain and cooler temperatures, hundreds of potholes are popping up around the Denver metro area. space Hundreds Of Potholes Blamed For Flat Tires, Traffic Delays

Denver Public Works confirms they filled 200 potholes by Thursday afternoon. On a clear, dry day, crews can fill about 400 potholes. The rainy weather slows the repair process.

potholes3 Hundreds Of Potholes Blamed For Flat Tires, Traffic Delays

Crews from Denver Public Works repair potholes Thursday (credit: CBS)

Crews will return to the task of filling potholes on Friday. More progress is expected since sunny and dry weather is forecasted.

Crews from the Colorado Department of Transportation have been filling potholes throughout the day on Thursday. Crews are expected to work through the night. There is no estimate on how many potholes CDOT crews have filled.

potholes2 Hundreds Of Potholes Blamed For Flat Tires, Traffic Delays

(credit: CBS)

Fluctuating temperatures, warmer in the day and colder at night, create the freeze-thaw effect that increases the ability for potholes to form. The factors that contribute to this problem are traffic and water. Pavement develops cracks over time due to traffic and/or water freezing and expanding. When water seeps into the pavement, it can wash away or erode the base material underneath the pavement leaving nothing to support it. When traffic passes over it, that’s when it collapses and the pothole is formed.

CDOT crews are using a “cold patch” to repair the potholes with a temporary fix. When the weather warms, CDOT crews will use a “hot patch” for a more permanent repair.

Several vehicles suffered flat tires after driving over potholes near Interstate 70 and Quebec during the Thursday morning commute.

Standing water and potholes shut down the eastbound lane of US 285 between Kipling and Estes Streets in Littleton during the Thursday morning commute.

Report a pothole on a state highway or interstate to or call the state Office of Risk Management (303) 866-3848. In Denver, call 311.


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