DENVER (CBS4)- “The Book of Morman” is one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. Now the show is getting set to travel from the Big Apple on its national tour. The first stop: Denver.

CBS4’s Critic at Large Greg Moody shows why this announcement is so big, he had to travel to New York. Watch his report below. space Book Of Mormon Dances Off Broadway Into Denver

“Book of Mormon” will open for the national tour at the Buell Theatre in December 2012. Coloradans Trey Parker and Matt Stone co-wrote the play.

– Greg Moody is CBS4’s Critic At Large. His reports on CBS4 News at 6 p.m. are featured on the Entertainment section and also don’t miss his Moody’s Picks page.

  1. CM says:

    Parker and Stone are a couple of immature, pant-wetting, thumb-sucking, still living in granny’s basement forty something year old adolescents. If this musical play had made mockery of the Jewish faith, it would be considered anti-semitic. But make a mockery of the Mormons and it’s perfectly fine. No problem. It’s open season. It’s pathetic that after 181 years, people with the numb minded mentality of Parker and Stone can’t leave the Mormons alone. The same goes for any entertainment critic who condones this sort of “entertainment” and gives it glowing, rave reviews. That includes CBS4’s “Critic At Large” Greg Moody. I can only reach one conclusion. Parker, Stone and Moody are religious bigots and more importantly Mormon-hating bigots. The Devil himself is delighted to have them as good and faithful servants. That’s right, I said it and I meant it.

    Have you noticed that there have not been any death threats against Parker and Stone calling for their brains and guts splattering deaths from Mormon church leaders? This is unlike the brains and guts splattering death threats against Parker and Stone called for by Muslims when Parker and Stone had an unflattering portrayal of the prophet Mohammed in an episode of “South Park.” Which is even more proof of the religious bigotry and hatred harbored by Parker and Stone. It’s evident that Mormons must have a good sense of humor about such things even when faced with mockery, redicule and hatred even after 181 years. Wow! such progress we have made, haven’t we Parker and Stone? In the course of human events, Parker and Stone will be 100 percent insignificant and their contributions toward human deemed worthless.

    Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I just gave mine. I call ’em like I see ’em.

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