DENVER (AP) – A company that conducts CT scans has closed its Denver office after an investigation by the Colorado health department.

A report by a Denver TV station in September had questioned Heart Check America’s sales tactics.

Health officials said Monday that an inspection of Heart Check America in April showed the company conducted CT scans on some patients without orders from a Colorado-licensed doctor. Health officials say they also were concerned that a machine that was scanning patients didn’t produce images of a sufficient quality for its intended diagnoses.

The health department says when officials tried to follow up last week, they found Heart Check America’s Denver office empty.

The company’s website lists other locations in Nevada, Illinois, California and Washington, D.C. Its voice mail box wasn’t accepting messages Monday night.

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  1. Barbara Stewart says:

    my husband and & I went about a year ago, i had a feeling it was a scam before we even went but i went to make my husband happy. OMG what a scam. all we got out of it was a wasted saturday afternoon. glad we did`nt sign anything.

  2. ruben aguiniga says:

    yes we were one those people that got stumpt on this scamwe were told and shown actors that had done this so as they would be awre if anything was wrong with them .we were told that if you went to the doctors office that they would not inform you because all the would want to do would is run tests on you to make money of you and chances are you would still be in the dark.we did the scan and got our results but it took alot longer to get them than they said it would,but unless you know medical savy what good is this to us yea i would say we got taken

  3. Heart Unchecked says:

    I had a bad feeling about this company after we tried to contact them regarding our next scan. If they are no longer available for service what does this do to our contract?. Where does this leave us? Are we still obligated to pay them our fees?? (We just did two weeks ago) HELP!!

  4. Syl Sidewinder says:

    @Heart Unchecked,
    I’m not a legal expert, but here are a few things you might try. First of all, before you sign ANYTHING, make sure that you not only read, but that you UNDERSTAND, EVERYTHING that agreement entails–ESP the “fine print”!
    If the facility who issued your cointract does not have another within a reasonably close proximity to perform the services stated in your agreement (they’re “obligated” too), it’s my guess that, alone, could let you out of your contract. However, I urge you to look into it before you take action.
    I KNOW, I wouldn’t send them a dime, until I had all of the information–keep your hard-earned money in YOUR pocket until you’re certain of an obligation.

    Attorney fees ARE astronomical, but perpaps you might be able to set-up a free consultation in which you could discuss your situation. All though they can be pretty darned “tight-lipped” and “stingy” with their time once they realize you want some basic legal information. Afterall, if you don’t intend to hire them to represent you in a court of law, they can’t send you that astronomical bill (for $1,000s and $1,000s) so that they may LEASE the newest BMW on the market, or purchase that 4.5 milliion dollar beach-front home for vacations and summer retreats!
    A cheaper alternative would be to ‘google’ key words such as “contract law”, “legal help”. Or, you can try an online sites such as They may ask for a small fee, but it’s A LOT less than it would be to pay a lawyer (apprx. $200 an HOUR).
    Some sites allow you to submit question for free, all though it may take several days to receive an answer. They tend to give first priority to those who offer money. It”s your call as to whether or not you choose to offer them money.

    Again, I’m not qualified to provide you with sound legal direction. However, I CAN tell you, in good conscience, that you SHOULD check your online and all other resources before you take action or non-action of any kind! It makes no sense to just blindly send hard-earned money to a company, who no longer has a facility in your area, due to their being SHUT-DOWN by the STATE DEPT. of HEALTH! (another good arguement in favor of being let out of your contract)

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