DENVER (CBS4) – The Walk MS brought in nearly $1 million this weekend to fight multiple sclerosis. Money raised will go toward research and patient support.

For one husband and wife team, it’s what brings them hope.

“I had right side weakness and I lost my vision for awhile,” Leslie Durant said.

Leslie has been living with MS for 10 years. Her leg sometimes goes numb and hand clenches.

“It’s exhausting, it only affects my right side,” she said.

Leslie and her husband Rick, both biology teachers at Arvada High School, married in 2007. It was a shock when just two years later, Rick was also diagnosed with MS.

“She says it’s not contagious,” he said. “I said, ‘Yeah, I know.”
space Married Couple With MS Grateful For The Support

Rick’s left side is affected and his vision is sometimes blurred.

“It was God telling us we were meant to be together and especially because it affects my right side and Rick’s left side,” Leslie said.

“There’s so much inspiration for people to raise money so that they know that one day there will be a world free of MS,” said Carrie Nolan, MS Society Colorado Chapter President.

It’s been a community effort for 22 years now raising money for research, developing better treatments, and hoping to find a cure.

It means the world to Rick and Leslie that their students support them and their own children who have learned to adjust.

“We come as a family and we help out around the house and we just help each other out,” the Durants’ daughter Taylor said.

There’s still time to get involved. A Bike MS event is scheduled for the last weekend in June.

Link: Bike MS Colorado-Wyoming

Photo Gallery: Walk MS

  1. JP says:

    It is so nice to see the MS Walk being covered as much as the Furry Scurry! Thank you!

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