DENVER (CBS4) – A man who was allegedly the last person to see a missing Colorado woman is being held in a Texas jail.

Travis Forbes was arrested in Austin earlier this week on a warrant out of Wheat Ridge. Police say he stole an SUV.

Forbes told police he dropped Kenia Monge off at a Denver gas station a little more than a month ago. Police say Forbes’ recent arrest appears to be unrelated to Monge’s disappearance but it certainly does raise questions.

It’s unclear why Forbes was in Austin. Denver police say the arrest doesn’t change his status as nothing more than a witness to the disappearance of Monge.

“This has been hard, it’s been hell on us, absolute hell,” Monge’s stepfather
Tony Lee said.

Monge’s family gathered out their home Friday, not sure how to react to the news of Forbes’ arrest.

“You always hope that maybe it has something to do with Kenia, but according to Denver police this has nothing to do with her,” Tony Lee said.
space Family Of Missing Woman Reacts To Arrest

It’s been more than a month since the 19-year-old disappeared after a night out at a LoDo club with friends. Forbes told police he picked up Monge when he noticed her out on the street crying. He said he gave her a ride to a gas station and left her there with another man. He doesn’t know what happened to her after that.

“Yeah his name is the only name that’s been out there; he’s the last one that I know I’ve seen in the news; he’s the last one who’s seen my daughter,” Tony Lee said.

While the news of Forbes’ arrest brings new attention to the case, it still hasn’t brought Monge home.

“Every day, hard to wake up, go to bed, thinking about her, wake up in the morning, where’s my baby girl Kenia, where’s she at?” Monge’s mother Maria Lee said.

Her family is holding on to hope that someone will come forward with the answer.

Forbes is being held in the Travis County Jail in Texas until he can be extradited to Colorado.

  1. HooDatIS? says:

    he is a awful low down dirty dog
    poor baby, she just was a young teen having the time of her life and he ruined it all
    I am praying that her family can stay strong
    God Bless

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