LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – Among the Coloradans who gave their lives in the hunt for Osama bin Laden was Navy Seal Danny Dietz. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2005 and is continually honored in his hometown of Littleton.

Danny had a direct connection the strike team that got bin Laden. Deitz’s mother, Cindy Dietz, says a close friend of her son was a member of the bin Laden attack team on Monday.

Cindy Dietz believes it avenges her son’s death and finishes the fight.

“In my eyes, when this news happened, they finished the fight,” Cindy said.

It was a fight started by al Qaeda with the collapse of the Twin Towers. But the battle became very personal for Cindy when her son was killed by hostile fire 6 years ago in Afghanistan. She remembers the promise made by other Seals at Danny’s funeral.

“One of things that was said was they will avenge our guys’ death; they will finish the fight,” she said.

danny dietz1 Family Of Fallen Navy Seal From Littleton Reacts To Bin Ladens Death

Cindy Dietz talks with CBS4's Paul Day at her son's memorial (credit: CBS)

Now Cindy has learned one of Danny’s very best friends was involved in the raid that resulted in bin Laden’s death.

“This was the finish of the fight,” she said. “I had belief and trust in our Seal team guys and our military.”

Just 25 years old when he was killed, Danny was awarded the Navy Cross for Extraordinary Heroism.

“It’s sad he had to give his life for that, but that’s what he was in it for.”
space Family Of Fallen Navy Seal From Littleton Reacts To Bin Ladens Death

As she visited her son’s memorial, CBS4’s Paul Day asked Cindy what bin Laden represented to the Deitz family.

“To me he represented a monster,” she replied. “I know there are other al Qaeda members out there and God forbid if we have to we’ll get every last one of them.”

It’s a bittersweet time for Cindy, but bin Laden’s death does bring her closure. She says looks forward to personally thanking Danny’s friend for finishing the fight.

Comments (8)
  1. Becki Yeatts says:

    I can she how proud you are of your son Danny. My husband and I went to the unveiling of his statue . WE had gone on a ride on our motorcycle and we ended up hearing his story of bravery. I felt so bad for his family. At least this monsters death will help bring some closure to all the horrible thing have happened since nine eleven.My prayers are with you.

    1. James johnson says:

      May D.J. Rest in peace and may Dan and Cindy figure out on how to financially survive without using his name in constant vain. GOD bless our fallen, each and every one, not not just those who make T.V. They (Dan & Cindy)use D.J. as an excuse to manipulate people into providing free stuff/money.

  2. Rena Sinel says:

    I say a prayer and a ‘thank you’ every time I drive down Santa Fe on my way to ACC and see his memorial sign. Thank you for your son. You are a brave, unselfish and caring mother.

  3. Coleen R. Wilson says:

    I drive past his memorial sign and I wondered who is was. Thank you Danny for you you’ve done. You will never be forgotten!

  4. Paul Knoesen says:

    Unquestionably inappropriate comment Mr James Johnson. The article was about the connection between a local SEAL Team 6 member Killed in Action, and his close relation to the squad that completed his mission nearly six years later. Honor the sacrifice of that individual and the family, and leave your misguided and frivolous personal opinions out of public forum.

  5. ~Deva says:

    All my love Cindy!

  6. KayLa Backencamp says:

    Mr. James Johnson you are extremely shallow . I don’t believe you have any idea what this family has been though the past 6 years. They have had to endure many reminders of Danny’s death , not only because of the constant reminders from the press and people in general, but the fact they will never forget their son. The wonderful memories they have of him are there to stay.
    We are blessed to have some very brave men protecting the U.S.A. If you have not read the book Lone Servivor by Marcus Lutrell you need to read it. The first 183 pages of this book tell you what our BRAVE NAVY SEALS go through to become Navy Seals. They are a great group of special men. God Bless America!! and our Navy seals and all those fighting for our freedom.

  7. Amelia Truman says:

    OMG, do you see whats occurring in Syria? Regardless of a brutal government crackdown, the demonstrations continue

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