ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – An avid outdoor enthusiast and climber from the Denver area lost her life in the Grand Canyon.

The incident happened during a hiking trip in the vicinity of Upper Rattlesnake and River Mile 74 on a hike up the Tabernacle Route. Barbara Evert, 78, lost her footing and fell at least 100 feet, dying at the scene from head wounds.

Evert lived with her niece, Megan Wilhite, in Englewood. Someone on a commercial river trip reported the accident to park rangers using a satellite phone. She was part of a group taking a rafting trip — a group that stopped off for a hike during their trip.

“She always said that she wanted to go in an accident,” Wilhite said. “She was doing what she loved when she died. I don’t think very many people can say that they were doing what they loved at the time of their death. So I can find a lot of peace.”
space 78 Year Old Englewood Woman Dies Climbing In The Grand Canyon

Evert was a former math teacher at Englewood High School.

Evert’s body had to be flown out by helicopter and was taken to the Coconino County coroner.

The park service is still investigating the accident.


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