DENVER (AP) – A Pueblo grand jury has found no criminal conduct by Colorado Mental Health Institute staff in the death of a patient who suffocated after being strapped face down on a table.

But a TV station  in Denver reports the panel did find the staff committed misfeasance and malfeasance and abused their authority, resulting in the death of Troy Geske on Aug. 10. The television station reports the grand jury cited a “systematic failure” in staff training and following of patient safety procedures.

The state Attorney General’s Office, representing the Colorado Department of Human Services and the Pueblo hospital, refuted the findings of misfeasance and malfeasance, abuse of authority and breach of duty of care. It said Geske’s accidental death has led to improvements at the hospital.

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  1. MIK says:

    so they failed to provide safety and had no malace or intent to murder them… but can still be sued for the death calling it systematic failure….and surely owe Geske’s family mega bucks

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